What Is Another Way to Say “Put Down”?

Looking for synonyms for put down? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say put down.

  • Set down
  • Place
  • Lay
  • Deposit
  • Position
  • Rest
  • Plant
  • Station
  • Leave
  • Arrange
  • Lower
  • Stow
  • Displace
  • Repose
  • Alight

Want to learn how to say put down professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Set Down

Appropriate Use: Suitable for placing something on a surface with care.
Example: “Please set down the equipment gently on the table.”

2. Place

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a general context of putting something in a specific location.
Example: “Place the files in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.”

3. Lay

Appropriate Use: Best used when putting something down flat, especially for items that are longer than they are tall.
Example: “Lay the blueprints out on the desk for everyone to see.”

4. Deposit

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for placing something valuable or important in a specific place.
Example: “Deposit the confidential documents in the safe after reviewing them.”

5. Position

Appropriate Use: Suitable for placing something in a specific way or orientation.
Example: “Position the sign where it is most visible to incoming traffic.”

6. Rest

Appropriate Use: Ideal for gently placing something in a way that it remains steady or supported.
Example: “Rest the equipment on the shelf carefully to avoid damage.”

7. Plant

Appropriate Use: Best used metaphorically for placing something firmly.
Example: “Plant the promotional stand in a strategic location at the event.”

8. Station

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for setting something in a designated spot, especially for a prolonged duration.
Example: “Station the guards at each entrance for the duration of the event.”

9. Leave

Appropriate Use: Suitable for placing something with no immediate intention of returning for it.
Example: “Leave the package at the front desk if no one is available to receive it.”

10. Arrange

Appropriate Use: Ideal for placing multiple items in a specific order or design.
Example: “Arrange the chairs in a circle for the group discussion.”

11. Lower

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for gently bringing something down to a lower level.
Example: “Carefully lower the machine onto the factory floor using the crane.”

12. Stow

Appropriate Use: Best for placing something safely or compactly, especially for storage or transport.
Example: “Stow all the tools back in the toolbox after use.”

13. Displace

Appropriate Use: Suitable for moving something from its usual or proper place.
Example: “After the meeting, displace the chairs back to their original positions.”

14. Repose

Appropriate Use: Ideal for resting something in a place, often used in more literary or formal contexts.
Example: “Repose the historic artifact in its display case.”

15. Alight

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for placing something lightly or gently.
Example: “Alight the fragile samples on the lab counter with care.”

Linda Brown