What Is Another Way to Say “Period of Time”?

Looking for synonyms for period of time? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say period of time.

  • Duration
  • Span
  • Interval
  • Stretch
  • Phase
  • Term
  • Spell
  • Season
  • Era
  • Epoch
  • Interlude
  • While
  • Timespan
  • Stint
  • Eon

Want to learn how to say period of time professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Duration

Appropriate Use: Refers to the length of time something lasts.
Example: The duration of the contract is two years.

2. Span

Appropriate Use: Indicates the full extent or length of time between two points.
Example: The project’s time span is estimated to be six months.

3. Interval

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a period of time between events.
Example: We schedule regular intervals for system maintenance.

4. Stretch

Appropriate Use: Informally used for a continuous period of time.
Example: During the final stretch of the fiscal year, we focus on budget reviews.

5. Phase

Appropriate Use: Indicates a distinct period within a sequence of events.
Example: The development phase of the software will take approximately three months.

6. Term

Appropriate Use: Used for a fixed or limited period, often related to agreements or office tenure.
Example: Her term as CEO has seen significant company growth.

7. Spell

Appropriate Use: Informally used for a short, indefinite period of time.
Example: We experienced a brief spell of downtime last night.

8. Season

Appropriate Use: Refers to a specific period typically marked by specific conditions or activities.
Example: The team is preparing for the busy holiday season.

9. Era

Appropriate Use: Indicates a long and distinct period of history.
Example: The digital era has transformed our approach to marketing.

10. Epoch

Appropriate Use: Used for a significant period in history or a person’s life.
Example: The launch of our flagship product marked a new epoch in the company’s history.

11. Interlude

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a short period between parts of a play, concert, or other performance, can be used metaphorically.
Example: The company’s expansion served as an interlude to its eventual merger.

12. While

Appropriate Use: Informally refers to an unspecified period of time.
Example: During the while that the system was down, we initiated manual procedures.

13. Timespan

Appropriate Use: Similar to span, indicating the extent of time something covers.
Example: The project’s timespan is critical for budgeting purposes.

14. Stint

Appropriate Use: Refers to a person’s fixed or allotted period of work.
Example: His two-year stint in the research department was highly productive.

15. Eon

Appropriate Use: Used for an indefinitely long period of time, often exaggerated for effect.
Example: It’s been eons since we last updated our IT infrastructure.

Linda Brown