What Is Another Way to Say “As Well As”?

Looking for synonyms for as well as? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as well as.

  • In addition to
  • Along with
  • Together with
  • Besides
  • Plus
  • Including
  • Coupled with
  • Not to mention
  • Also
  • As well as
  • And
  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Just as
  • Equally
  • With
  • On top of
  • Accompanied by
  • In conjunction with
  • Concurrently with

Want to learn how to say as well as professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. In addition to

Used to introduce an additional item or point in a list.

  • Example: In addition to marketing, she oversees the sales department.

2. Along with

Implies that something goes hand in hand with another.

  • Example: Along with the product launch, the company will announce a new partnership.

3. Together with

Indicates that items are being considered or presented collectively.

  • Example: The report, together with the financial statements, was submitted to the board.

4. Besides

Used to add something to what has already been mentioned.

  • Example: Besides the annual bonus, employees receive various other benefits.

5. Plus

A less formal way to add additional information or items.

  • Example: The software offers data analysis capabilities, plus it is user-friendly.

6. Including

Specifies something as part of a larger group.

  • Example: The training program covers many topics, including leadership and communication skills.

7. Coupled with

Shows a combination or association with another factor.

  • Example: Coupled with her expertise in finance, her leadership skills are invaluable.

8. Not to mention

Used to introduce an additional important factor that emphasizes the previous point.

  • Example: The system increases efficiency, not to mention reducing overall costs.

9. Also

A simple and common way to add more information.

  • Example: He is responsible for managing the team, and also handles client relations.

10. As well as

Similar to “in addition to,” it adds one or more items.

  • Example: The manager oversees the staff, as well as develops training programs.

11. And

The most basic way to connect items or ideas.

  • Example: The company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction.

12. Similarly

Indicates that something is the same or alike.

  • Example: Similarly, the new software has improved productivity across departments.

13. Likewise

Suggests a similar or comparable manner.

  • Example: The marketing strategy, likewise, aimed at increasing online visibility.

14. Just as

Used to compare or show similarity.

  • Example: Just as the sales team, the marketing team also plays a crucial role in revenue generation.

15. Equally

Indicates that items are given the same level of importance.

  • Example: Equally important are the company’s values and mission.

16. With

Shows inclusion or involvement.

  • Example: She will attend the conference, with several members of her team.

17. On top of

Suggests in addition to, often implying a burden or challenge.

  • Example: On top of her regular duties, she is also leading the special project.

18. Accompanied by

Implies that something comes with or is joined by another thing.

  • Example: The software update was accompanied by comprehensive user training.

19. In conjunction with

Indicates that things are done together or in coordination.

  • Example: The study was conducted in conjunction with the university’s research team.

20. Concurrently with

Shows that things happen at the same time.

  • Example: He is pursuing his degree concurrently with his professional career.

Linda Brown