What Is Another Way to Say “Since Then”?

Looking for synonyms for since then? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say since then.

  • Subsequently
  • Thereafter
  • Following that
  • From that time
  • Ever since
  • Afterwards
  • From then on
  • In the time following
  • After that point
  • Henceforth
  • From that moment
  • Post that
  • Consequently
  • From that period
  • In the subsequent period
  • After
  • Later
  • From that day forward
  • In the aftermath
  • Moving forward

Want to learn how to say since then professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Subsequently

Appropriate Use: Commonly used in formal writing to indicate a following event or period.
Example: Subsequently, the company expanded its operations to three new countries.

2. Thereafter

Appropriate Use: Suitable for formal narratives or reports.
Example: The policy was changed, and thereafter, productivity increased significantly.

3. Following that

Appropriate Use: Used in both formal and informal contexts.
Example: Following that, the team implemented a new project management system.

4. From that time

Appropriate Use: Often used in historical or reflective contexts.
Example: From that time, the organization adopted a more customer-centric approach.

5. Ever since

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing an ongoing situation since a past event.
Example: Ever since the merger, the company has seen unprecedented growth.

6. Afterwards

Appropriate Use: Used for events or actions that follow another in time.
Example: The decision was made, and shortly afterwards, the new policy was announced.

7. From then on

Appropriate Use: Used to describe a continuous state or action since a specific time.
Example: From then on, the company adopted a remote working model.

8. In the time following

Appropriate Use: Suitable for formal writing, emphasizing the period after an event.
Example: In the time following the restructure, the firm saw improved employee morale.

9. After that point

Appropriate Use: Used to specify a particular time after which something happens.
Example: After that point, the business refocused its marketing strategy.

10. Henceforth

Appropriate Use: Formal and often used in legal or official documents.
Example: Henceforth, all communication must be recorded for compliance purposes.

11. From that moment

Appropriate Use: Emphasizes a specific moment of change.
Example: From that moment, the company pivoted to a new line of products.

12. Post that

Appropriate Use: Informal, used to refer to the period after an event.
Example: Post that, team meetings were held bi-weekly instead of weekly.

13. Consequently

Appropriate Use: Indicates a result or effect after an event, often in formal contexts.
Example: Consequently, the company revised its risk management policies.

14. From that period

Appropriate Use: Suitable for discussing a change from a specific historical period.
Example: From that period, the industry saw rapid technological advancements.

15. In the subsequent period

Appropriate Use: Formal, focusing on the time after a specific event or period.
Example: In the subsequent period, the organization underwent significant restructuring.

16. After

Appropriate Use: General use, suitable for a wide range of contexts.
Example: After the merger, the company doubled its workforce.

17. Later

Appropriate Use: Informal, used to indicate a time following an event.
Example: The product was launched, and later, updates were released based on customer feedback.

18. From that day forward

Appropriate Use: Emphasizes a significant change from a specific day.
Example: From that day forward, the company embraced a more sustainable business model.

19. In the aftermath

Appropriate Use: Suitable for discussing the period following a significant event, often a crisis.
Example: In the aftermath of the financial scandal, the firm implemented stricter controls.

20. Moving forward

Appropriate Use: Often used in planning or strategizing, indicating future actions from a certain point.
Example: Moving forward, the company will invest more in renewable energy sources.

Linda Brown