What Is Another Way to Say “Sign Up”?

Looking for synonyms for sign up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say sign up.

  • Register
  • Enroll
  • Subscribe
  • Join
  • Apply
  • Sign on
  • Commit
  • Enlist
  • Opt in
  • Book
  • Volunteer
  • Partake
  • Become a member
  • Affiliate
  • Matriculate
  • Record one’s name
  • Engage
  • Enter
  • Check in
  • Sign oneself up

Want to learn how to say sign up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Register

Appropriate Use: Commonly used in formal contexts for joining or entering details.
Example: Please register for the conference by the end of this week.

2. Enroll

Appropriate Use: Often used for educational courses or programs.
Example: She decided to enroll in the advanced management training course.

3. Subscribe

Appropriate Use: Typically used for services, newsletters, or periodicals.
Example: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the latest industry updates.

4. Join

Appropriate Use: General use for becoming a part of a group, organization, or activity.
Example: Join our professional network to connect with industry experts.

5. Apply

Appropriate Use: Used when a process involves an application, often for positions or special programs.
Example: Interested candidates should apply for the internship program by next Friday.

6. Sign on

Appropriate Use: Informal, used for agreeing to participate or join.
Example: He signed on to lead the new project team.

7. Commit

Appropriate Use: Used when implying a promise or obligation to something.
Example: Commit to our annual plan to receive special benefits.

8. Enlist

Appropriate Use: Commonly used in the context of joining the military or a cause.
Example: After graduation, he decided to enlist in the Navy.

9. Opt in

Appropriate Use: Often used for choosing to participate in a service or agreement, especially online.
Example: Opt in to our premium service for advanced features.

10. Book

Appropriate Use: Used for reserving places in events, flights, hotels, etc.
Example: Book your seat at the workshop as soon as possible.

11. Volunteer

Appropriate Use: Used for offering service or help without payment.
Example: Volunteer for the annual charity event to support the community.

12. Partake

Appropriate Use: More formal, used for participating or taking part in something.
Example: We encourage all employees to partake in the training sessions.

13. Become a member

Appropriate Use: Used when joining a group or organization as a recognized member.
Example: Become a member of our association to enjoy exclusive networking opportunities.

14. Affiliate

Appropriate Use: Used when associating with a larger group or organization.
Example: Affiliate with our platform to expand your business reach.

15. Matriculate

Appropriate Use: Formal, often used in the context of entering a university or similar institution.
Example: She matriculated at the university last fall.

16. Record one’s name

Appropriate Use: Formal and literal, for entering one’s name in a record for participation.
Example: Please record your name at the reception for the event entry.

17. Engage

Appropriate Use: Broadly used for showing interest or involvement in an activity.
Example: Engage in our online courses for professional development.

18. Enter

Appropriate Use: General use for entering or participating in competitions, courses, etc.
Example: Enter our annual coding competition to showcase your skills.

19. Check in

Appropriate Use: Commonly used for marking attendance or presence in hotels, flights, events, etc.
Example: Check in at the front desk upon arrival for the seminar.

20. Sign oneself up

Appropriate Use: Informal, similar to sign up, used for personal involvement or participation.
Example: I decided to sign myself up for the leadership workshop.

Linda Brown