What Is Another Way to Say “Keep Going”?

Looking for synonyms for keep going? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say keep going.

  • Persevere
  • Continue
  • Persist
  • Carry on
  • Maintain course
  • Press on
  • Keep up the effort
  • Stay the course
  • Forge ahead
  • Soldier on
  • Keep moving forward
  • Stay on track
  • Press forward
  • Keep at it
  • Remain steadfast
  • Push forward
  • Keep up the momentum
  • Stick with it
  • Keep on
  • March on

Want to learn how to say keep going professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Persevere

Use in situations requiring determination and endurance.
Example: “Despite the challenges, we must persevere to meet our quarterly targets.”

2. Continue

Appropriate for general encouragement to proceed with an action or task.
Example: “Continue with the current strategy, as it’s showing positive results.”

3. Persist

Ideal for situations that call for sustained effort despite difficulties.
Example: “Persist with your research; it will yield valuable insights.”

4. Carry on

Use when encouraging someone to proceed in a similar manner.
Example: “Carry on with the team meetings; they’re improving project communication.”

5. Maintain course

Suitable for staying aligned with a current plan or strategy.
Example: “Maintain course with the marketing plan to ensure brand consistency.”

6. Press on

Use in contexts that require continued effort with added urgency.
Example: “We must press on with the development to meet the launch deadline.”

7. Keep up the effort

Appropriate for acknowledging ongoing effort and encouraging its continuation.
Example: “Keep up the effort; your dedication is driving our project’s success.”

8. Stay the course

Ideal for situations where maintaining a current direction or strategy is essential.
Example: “Stay the course with our customer service improvements.”

9. Forge ahead

Use when moving forward with determination, often in a new or challenging situation.
Example: “Let’s forge ahead with the new market expansion plan.”

10. Soldier on

Appropriate in tough situations requiring resilience.
Example: “We must soldier on through these economic uncertainties.”

11. Keep moving forward

Use to emphasize progression and continuous advancement.
Example: “Keep moving forward with the digital transformation initiative.”

12. Stay on track

Ideal for maintaining focus on a predetermined path or goal.
Example: “It’s crucial that we stay on track to meet our annual objectives.”

13. Press forward

Use when moving ahead with purpose and focus.
Example: “We will press forward with the new partnership strategy.”

14. Keep at it

Suitable for encouraging continuous effort in a task or activity.
Example: “Keep at it, and you’ll master the new software in no time.”

15. Remain steadfast

Use in situations that require unwavering commitment or dedication.
Example: “Remain steadfast in our commitment to customer satisfaction.”

16. Push forward

Appropriate for applying extra effort to move ahead.
Example: “We need to push forward our efforts in research and development.”

17. Keep up the momentum

Ideal for maintaining the current pace or level of progress.
Example: “Let’s keep up the momentum in sales to surpass our targets.”

18. Stick with it

Use when encouraging commitment to a task or process.
Example: “Stick with it, even though learning these new procedures is challenging.”

19. Keep on

Suitable for general encouragement to continue.
Example: “Keep on refining the proposal; it’s almost perfect.”

20. March on

Use to convey moving forward with purpose and determination.
Example: “We’ll march on with our plans for expansion despite the market volatility.”

Linda Brown