What Is Another Way to Say “Responsible For”?

Looking for synonyms for responsible for? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say responsible for.

  • Accountable for
  • In charge of
  • Liable for
  • Answerable for
  • Tasked with
  • Charged with
  • Obligated to
  • Overseeing
  • Managing
  • Entrusted with
  • In control of
  • At the helm of
  • Handling
  • Directing
  • Supervising
  • Governing
  • Commanding
  • Leading
  • Coordinating
  • Presiding over

Want to learn how to say responsible for professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Accountable for

Used when someone is expected to justify actions or decisions.
Example: “She is accountable for the budgeting decisions in her department.”

2. In charge of

Indicates having control or command over something or someone.
Example: “He is in charge of overseeing the project’s development.”

3. Liable for

Suitable for situations where there’s a legal or moral responsibility.
Example: “The company is liable for ensuring the safety of its products.”

4. Answerable for

Refers to being responsible and having to justify actions or decisions.
Example: “The team leader is answerable for the performance of her team.”

5. Tasked with

Used when someone is given a specific task or responsibility.
Example: “She was tasked with leading the new marketing campaign.”

6. Charged with

Indicates being given the responsibility or duty to manage or oversee something.
Example: “He is charged with improving the efficiency of the operations department.”

7. Obligated to

Refers to having a duty or commitment to do something.
Example: “As the CEO, she is obligated to steer the company through difficult times.”

8. Overseeing

Used for supervising or watching over a process, work, or workers.
Example: “She is overseeing the company’s expansion into new markets.”

9. Managing

Indicates controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.
Example: “He is managing the team responsible for product development.”

10. Entrusted with

Suitable for being given responsibility due to trust in one’s ability or reliability.
Example: “She was entrusted with confidential information due to her integrity.”

11. In control of

Refers to having the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or a course of events.
Example: “He is in control of the financial auditing process.”

12. At the helm of

Used metaphorically to indicate leading or being in command.
Example: “She’s been at the helm of the organization through its most successful years.”

13. Handling

Suitable for dealing with or managing situations, people, or products.
Example: “He is handling the negotiations with the new clients.”

14. Directing

Refers to guiding and supervising an operation or activity.
Example: “She is directing the team working on the new software release.”

15. Supervising

Used for overseeing a person or activity to ensure that everything is done correctly, safely, etc.
Example: “He is supervising the construction work on the new office building.”

16. Governing

Indicates having authority or control over an area of work, group of people, etc.
Example: “The board is governing the strategic direction of the company.”

17. Commanding

Suitable for having authority over and responsibility for a group or operation.
Example: “She is commanding the task force assigned to the project.”

18. Leading

Refers to being in charge or command of a group, organization, or endeavor.
Example: “He is leading the research and development team.”

19. Coordinating

Used for organizing the different parts of an activity and the people involved in it so that it works effectively.
Example: “She is coordinating the efforts to improve cross-departmental communication.”

20. Presiding over

Indicates being in a position of authority in a meeting or gathering.
Example: “The director is presiding over the weekly management meetings.”

Linda Brown