What Is Another Way to Say “Take Action”?

Looking for synonyms for take action? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say take action.

  • Act
  • Execute
  • Implement
  • Intervene
  • Proceed
  • Operate
  • Engage
  • Initiate
  • Move
  • Undertake
  • Perform
  • Embark on
  • Launch
  • Commence
  • Carry out

Want to learn how to say take action professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Act

Appropriate Use: Suitable for taking any kind of action, often with a sense of urgency.
Example: We must act quickly to address the customer’s complaint.

2. Execute

Appropriate Use: Ideal for carrying out a plan, order, or course of action.
Example: The team is ready to execute the marketing strategy.

3. Implement

Appropriate Use: Used for putting a decision, plan, or agreement into effect.
Example: It’s time to implement the new operational procedures.

4. Intervene

Appropriate Use: Suitable for becoming involved in a situation to alter the outcome.
Example: The manager had to intervene to resolve the escalating conflict between team members.

5. Proceed

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for beginning or continuing an action or process.
Example: After the approval, we will proceed with the project development.

6. Operate

Appropriate Use: Used for functioning or working in a proper or particular way.
Example: The technician is trained to operate the new machinery.

7. Engage

Appropriate Use: Ideal for becoming involved or taking part in something.
Example: The company will engage in new partnerships to expand its market.

8. Initiate

Appropriate Use: Suitable for causing a process or action to begin.
Example: We need to initiate a comprehensive review of our IT systems.

9. Move

Appropriate Use: Used for taking action or making a change.
Example: We need to move quickly to capitalize on the new market opportunity.

10. Undertake

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for committing oneself to and begin an enterprise or responsibility.
Example: The team agreed to undertake a thorough analysis of the data.

11. Perform

Appropriate Use: Suitable for carrying out a task or action.
Example: The department must perform an audit to ensure compliance.

12. Embark on

Appropriate Use: Ideal for starting a significant or new venture.
Example: The company is set to embark on a major expansion plan.

13. Launch

Appropriate Use: Used for starting or initiating a project or campaign with a particular aim.
Example: The marketing team will launch the new advertising campaign next month.

14. Commence

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for beginning something formally or officially.
Example: The construction of the new facility will commence in the spring.

15. Carry out

Appropriate Use: Suitable for executing or conducting a plan, task, or action.
Example: The team is well-prepared to carry out the event smoothly.

Linda Brown