What Is Another Way to Say “Rest Assured”?

Looking for synonyms for rest assured? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say rest assured.

  • Be confident
  • Be certain
  • Have no doubt
  • Be sure
  • Be convinced
  • Have confidence
  • Be secure
  • Trust
  • Rely on
  • Count on
  • Have faith
  • Be positive
  • Be assured
  • Believe
  • Depend on
  • Have no fear
  • Be at ease
  • Be certain of
  • Have every confidence
  • Be without concern

Want to learn how to say rest assured professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Be confident

Used to encourage belief in the certainty of an outcome.
Example: “Be confident that the team will meet its sales targets this quarter.”

2. Be certain

Indicates a strong assurance about a fact or situation.
Example: “You can be certain that your data is protected with our new security protocols.”

3. Have no doubt

Used when assuring someone about the reliability or effectiveness of something.
Example: “Have no doubt, our customer service will resolve this issue promptly.”

4. Be sure

Suitable for reassuring someone about the correctness or suitability of a choice or action.
Example: “Be sure that we are making the best decision for the company’s future.”

5. Be convinced

Refers to being completely certain or persuaded about something.
Example: “Be convinced that our investment in renewable energy is a step towards sustainability.”

6. Have confidence

Used to encourage trust in someone’s abilities or a particular outcome.
Example: “Have confidence in your team’s ability to deliver the project on time.”

7. Be secure

Indicates being free from doubt or anxiety.
Example: “Be secure in knowing that our network is protected against cyber threats.”

8. Trust

Suitable for relying on the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
Example: “Trust that our strategies will lead to a successful product launch.”

9. Rely on

Refers to depending on someone or something with full trust or confidence.
Example: “You can rely on our software for accurate and timely data processing.”

10. Count on

Used for expecting something with confidence or depending on someone.
Example: “You can count on our support throughout the implementation process.”

11. Have faith

Indicates having complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
Example: “Have faith in the new management to steer the company in the right direction.”

12. Be positive

Used to encourage a confident and optimistic attitude.
Example: “Be positive about the changes; they will bring new opportunities.”

13. Be assured

Suitable for being confident or certain about something.
Example: “Be assured that your contributions to the project are valued.”

14. Believe

Indicates accepting something as true or having confidence in it.
Example: “Believe in our vision for a more inclusive workplace.”

15. Depend on

Refers to requiring someone or something for support, help, or survival.
Example: “You can depend on our 24/7 customer service for assistance.”

16. Have no fear

Used for reassuring someone there is no need to be afraid or anxious.
Example: “Have no fear; our emergency plans are well-prepared and thorough.”

17. Be at ease

Suitable for feeling relaxed or free from worry.
Example: “Be at ease, the audit process is proceeding smoothly and without issues.”

18. Be certain of

Indicates being absolutely sure about something.
Example: “You can be certain of the quality of our products.”

19. Have every confidence

Used to express complete trust in someone or something.
Example: “We have every confidence in the new strategy to increase market share.”

20. Be without concern

Suitable for having no worry or anxiety about a situation or outcome.
Example: “You can be without concern; the merger will not affect your employment.”

Linda Brown