What Is Another Way to Say “Motto”?

Looking for synonyms for motto? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say motto.

  • Slogan
  • Maxim
  • Adage
  • Saying
  • Aphorism
  • Mantra
  • Catchphrase
  • Proverb
  • Watchword
  • Tagline
  • Byword
  • Guiding principle
  • Catchword
  • Precept
  • Doctrine
  • Creed
  • Dictum
  • Epigram
  • Shibboleth
  • Battle cry

Want to learn how to say motto professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Slogan

When to use: A memorable phrase used in advertising or by a group or organization.
Example: “The company’s new slogan, ‘Innovation for a Better World,’ was unveiled during the brand launch.”

2. Maxim

When to use: A general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct.
Example: “One of the key maxims of our corporate culture is ‘Customer Satisfaction First.’”

3. Adage

When to use: A traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation.
Example: “In our office, the old adage ‘Time is Money’ is often cited in efficiency training.”

4. Saying

When to use: A short, pithy, commonly known expression.
Example: “The saying ‘Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’ is a favorite in the team to encourage optimism.”

5. Aphorism

When to use: A concise statement of a principle or precept given in pointed words.
Example: “Her speech included the aphorism, ‘Simplicity is the soul of efficiency,’ to emphasize process improvement.”

6. Mantra

When to use: A statement or slogan repeated frequently, often in a motivational context.
Example: “Our team’s mantra, ‘Innovate and Execute,’ drives our project development approach.”

7. Catchphrase

When to use: A well-known sentence or phrase, especially one that is associated with a particular famous person or group.
Example: “The CEO’s catchphrase, ‘Onward and Upward,’ has become synonymous with the company’s growth mindset.”

8. Proverb

When to use: A short, well-known pithy saying that expresses a basic truth or practical precept.
Example: “The proverb ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ is often used in our quality control department.”

9. Watchword

When to use: A word or phrase expressing a person’s or group’s core aim or belief.
Example: “Quality and integrity are the watchwords of our manufacturing process.”

10. Tagline

When to use: A catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising.
Example: “The new marketing campaign’s tagline, ‘Beyond Boundaries,’ captures the essence of our brand’s vision.”

11. Byword

When to use: A word or phrase that becomes synonymous with an individual or concept.
Example: “Our commitment to sustainability has become a byword for environmental responsibility in the industry.”

12. Guiding Principle

When to use: A foundational rule or policy that guides decisions and actions.
Example: “Transparency and accountability are the guiding principles of our governance model.”

13. Catchword

When to use: A popular or trendy word or phrase used to capture attention.
Example: “The catchword ‘digitization’ is central to our company’s strategic plan.”

14. Precept

When to use: A general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought.
Example: “The precept ‘Respect for All’ is integral to our workplace ethics.”

15. Doctrine

When to use: A belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a group or organization.
Example: “The doctrine of continuous improvement pervades every aspect of our operational process.”

16. Creed

When to use: A set of fundamental beliefs or guiding principles.
Example: “Our company creed, focusing on innovation and integrity, shapes our corporate culture.”

17. Dictum

When to use: A formal pronouncement from an authoritative source.
Example: “The founder’s dictum, ‘Quality over Quantity,’ continues to influence our production decisions.”

18. Epigram

When to use: A witty, ingenious, or pointed saying succinctly expressed.
Example: “The office walls are adorned with epigrams to inspire creative thinking.”

19. Shibboleth

When to use: A word or saying used by a group of people, often signaling membership or belief.
Example: “In our field, ‘user-centric design’ has become something of a shibboleth among professionals.”

20. Battle Cry

When to use: A word or phrase used to rally support, especially in a challenging situation.
Example: “The team’s battle cry, ‘Together We Achieve More,’ is often heard during team-building activities.”

Linda Brown