What Is Another Way to Say “Put Up”?

Looking for synonyms for put up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say put up.

  • Erect
  • Construct
  • Raise
  • Build
  • Mount
  • Set up
  • Assemble
  • Install
  • Establish
  • Hang
  • Post
  • Display
  • Position
  • Affix
  • Anchor
  • Place
  • Prop up
  • Deploy
  • Attach
  • Hoist

Want to learn how to say put up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Erect

Used for constructing or putting something upright.
Example: “The construction team will erect the new office building by the end of the year.”

2. Construct

Appropriate for building something, typically a large structure.
Example: “The company plans to construct a new warehouse to increase storage capacity.”

3. Raise

Indicates lifting something to a higher position or constructing something.
Example: “They raised the new sign in front of the corporate headquarters.”

4. Build

Used for making something, typically a structure, by putting parts or materials together.
Example: “We need to build a new team to handle these emerging challenges.”

5. Mount

Suitable for fixing something onto a support or within a frame.
Example: “Please mount the new monitors in the conference room.”

6. Set up

Refers to assembling or arranging something for use.
Example: “Set up the new software system for the accounting department.”

7. Assemble

Used for putting pieces together to make a complete unit.
Example: “The engineering team will assemble the prototype for testing.”

8. Install

Indicates putting a system or equipment in place for use.
Example: “The IT department will install the latest security software on all computers.”

9. Establish

Appropriate for starting or creating something, such as a system or procedure.
Example: “The company established new protocols for remote working.”

10. Hang

Used for fixing something on a wall or ceiling.
Example: “Please hang the company’s mission statement in the lobby.”

11. Post

Refers to displaying information or announcements in a public space.
Example: “Post the meeting schedule on the notice board each morning.”

12. Display

Suitable for putting something in a place where it can be easily seen.
Example: “Display the safety instructions prominently in the workshop.”

13. Position

Indicates placing something in a particular spot or arrangement.
Example: “Position the new machines strategically across the factory floor.”

14. Affix

Used for attaching or sticking something to something else.
Example: “Please affix the labels to the corresponding boxes.”

15. Anchor

Refers to fixing something firmly in place.
Example: “Anchor the shelving units to the wall to ensure they are stable.”

16. Place

A general term for putting something in a particular position.
Example: “Place the new brochures in the reception area for visitors.”

17. Prop up

Indicates supporting something in an upright position.
Example: “Prop up the promotional banners at the entrance of the event.”

18. Deploy

Used for moving something into position for action or use.
Example: “The company will deploy additional servers to handle the increased web traffic.”

19. Attach

Suitable for fastening or joining one object to another.
Example: “Attach the new signs to the front of each department.”

20. Hoist

Refers to raising or lifting something, especially with rigging or equipment.
Example: “Hoist the new company flag on the flagpole every morning.”

Linda Brown