What Is Another Way to Say “Refuse”?

Looking for synonyms for refuse? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say refuse.

  • Decline
  • Reject
  • Deny
  • Repudiate
  • Dismiss
  • Turn down
  • Spurn
  • Renounce
  • Disapprove
  • Rebuff
  • Withhold
  • Repel
  • Forsake
  • Disallow
  • Resist
  • Disregard
  • Negate
  • Nix
  • Veto
  • Snub

Want to learn how to say refuse professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Decline

Appropriate use: Politely refusing an offer or invitation.
Example: “She had to decline the invitation to speak at the conference due to prior commitments.”

2. Reject

Appropriate use: Dismissing or refusing something, often strongly.
Example: “The committee decided to reject the proposal after careful consideration.”

3. Deny

Appropriate use: Refusing to admit the truth or existence of something.
Example: “The company denied any involvement in the alleged regulatory violations.”

4. Repudiate

Appropriate use: Refusing to accept or be associated with something.
Example: “The board decided to repudiate the controversial remarks made by the CEO.”

5. Dismiss

Appropriate use: Refusing to consider someone’s idea, opinion, or feelings as worthwhile.
Example: “The manager dismissed the suggestion as impractical without further discussion.”

6. Turn Down

Appropriate use: Refusing an offer or request.
Example: “He decided to turn down the job offer to pursue other opportunities.”

7. Spurn

Appropriate use: Rejecting someone or something disdainfully.
Example: “Her innovative ideas were initially spurned by the industry veterans.”

8. Renounce

Appropriate use: Formally declaring one’s abandonment of a claim, right, or possession.
Example: “He renounced his claim to the company’s leadership position.”

9. Disapprove

Appropriate use: Having or expressing an unfavorable opinion.
Example: “The board disapproved the new policy changes proposed by the management.”

10. Rebuff

Appropriate use: Rejecting someone or something abruptly.
Example: “Her request for additional funding was rebuffed by the finance department.”

11. Withhold

Appropriate use: Holding back or refusing to give something.
Example: “The auditor decided to withhold approval until the discrepancies were resolved.”

12. Repel

Appropriate use: Refusing to accept or be influenced by something.
Example: “His aggressive marketing tactics repelled potential clients.”

13. Forsake

Appropriate use: Abandoning something or someone.
Example: “She chose to forsake her former strategies in favor of more innovative approaches.”

14. Disallow

Appropriate use: Refusing to permit or declare invalid.
Example: “The regulatory agency disallowed the use of certain chemicals in the product.”

15. Resist

Appropriate use: Withstanding an action or effect.
Example: “The department resisted the changes in the operational process.”

16. Disregard

Appropriate use: Paying no attention or ignoring something.
Example: “The CEO disregarded the advisors’ warnings about market volatility.”

17. Negate

Appropriate use: Nullifying or invalidating something.
Example: “The new evidence served to negate the previous assumptions.”

18. Nix

Appropriate use: Informal; to put an end to or cancel something.
Example: “The project was nixed due to budget constraints.”

19. Veto

Appropriate use: Exercising a right to reject or forbid something.
Example: “The president of the organization decided to veto the committee’s decision.”

20. Snub

Appropriate use: Showing disdain or lack of interest by ignoring or rejecting.
Example: “The company snubbed the partnership offer from the competitor.”

Linda Brown