What Is Another Way to Say “Boast”?

Looking for synonyms for boast? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say boast.

  • Brag
  • Vaunt
  • Show off
  • Swagger
  • Crow
  • Exult
  • Bluster
  • Gloat
  • Strut
  • Grandstand
  • Preen
  • Skite
  • Blow one’s own horn
  • Trumpet
  • Flourish

Want to learn how to say boast professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Brag

Appropriate when describing someone expressing pride in an achievement or possession in a boastful manner.
Example: “During the meeting, he couldn’t resist the urge to brag about the company’s record profits this quarter.”

2. Vaunt

Used in a more formal or literary context, often to describe someone proudly displaying or talking about their achievements.
Example: “The CEO vaunted the innovative strategies that led to the company’s market dominance.”

3. Show Off

Appropriate in a casual or colloquial context, where someone is displaying their skills or achievements to impress others.
Example: “She showed off her expertise in the presentation, impressing her colleagues with her depth of knowledge.”

4. Swagger

Best used to describe someone displaying confidence, sometimes excessively, in their abilities or achievements.
Example: “He walked into the boardroom with a swagger, fully confident in his new business proposal.”

5. Crow

Appropriate when someone is expressing pleasure or pride in an achievement, often in a triumphant or exuberant manner.
Example: “After securing the deal, she crowed about her negotiation skills to her team.”

6. Exult

Used in situations where there is a triumphant or jubilant show of pride or joy, often after a significant achievement.
Example: “The team exulted in their project’s success, having worked tirelessly for months.”

7. Bluster

Used when someone is talking boastfully, often without the ability to back it up, usually in a loud, aggressive manner.
Example: “Despite his bluster about the company’s future prospects, his colleagues were skeptical.”

8. Gloat

Appropriate in contexts where someone is expressing excessive, often smug or malicious, satisfaction at their own success or another’s misfortune.
Example: “After outperforming their rivals, he gloated at the board meeting about their competitor’s shortcomings.”

9. Strut

Used to describe someone who walks or acts in a proud, confident way, often to show off.
Example: “She strutted into the annual meeting, ready to present her team’s impressive achievements.”

10. Grandstand

Appropriate when someone is behaving ostentatiously to impress or attract attention, often in a public or professional setting.
Example: “During the conference, he grandstanded with elaborate presentations and bold claims about the project.”

11. Preen

Used in contexts where someone is proudly or excessively fixing their appearance or displaying their achievements.
Example: “In the interview, he preened about his accomplishments and experience in the industry.”

12. Skite

Mostly used in Australian or New Zealand English, to brag or boast.
Example: “He skited about his role in the successful marketing campaign during the team lunch.”

13. Blow One’s Own Horn

A colloquial expression used when someone is proudly talking about their own achievements.
Example: “In the shareholders’ meeting, she blew her own horn about the company’s international expansion.”

14. Trumpet

Appropriate in a context where someone is loudly and proudly announcing or proclaiming their achievements.
Example: “He trumpeted the company’s success at every opportunity during the trade fair.”

15. Flourish

Used metaphorically to describe someone displaying their skills, qualities, or achievements in a very noticeable way.
Example: “With a flourish, she outlined the exceptional results of her team’s hard work over the past year.”

Linda Brown