What Is Another Way to Say “Re-Review”?

Looking for synonyms for re-review? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say re-review.

  • Reassess
  • Reevaluate
  • Reexamine
  • Reconsider
  • Reappraise
  • Review again
  • Reinspect
  • Reaudit
  • Reanalyze
  • Recheck
  • Revisit
  • Reexplore
  • Redeliberate
  • Reflect again
  • Revise
  • Scrutinize again
  • Reinvestigate
  • Rethink
  • Double-check
  • Go over again

Want to learn how to say re-review professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Reassess

Appropriate use: To evaluate or assess something again for changes or adjustments.
Example: “Given the new market conditions, we need to reassess our business strategy.”

2. Reevaluate

Appropriate use: Reviewing something again, especially to make new considerations or adjustments.
Example: “The project manager decided to reevaluate the timelines after the unexpected delay.”

3. Reexamine

Appropriate use: To examine something again, often to gain a new perspective.
Example: “It’s crucial to reexamine the data to ensure the accuracy of our conclusions.”

4. Reconsider

Appropriate use: To think again about a previously made decision, especially about changing it.
Example: “The committee agreed to reconsider the proposal in light of the new evidence.”

5. Reappraise

Appropriate use: Assessing something again, especially for changes or new developments.
Example: “The finance team needs to reappraise the budget due to recent economic shifts.”

6. Review Again

Appropriate use: Going over something another time to ensure thoroughness.
Example: “Please review the report again before submission to ensure all points are covered.”

7. Reinspect

Appropriate use: To inspect or examine something once more.
Example: “The quality assurance team will reinspect the product batch following the modifications.”

8. Reaudit

Appropriate use: Conducting another audit, typically for verification purposes.
Example: “Due to discrepancies, the accounts from last quarter will be reaudited.”

9. Reanalyze

Appropriate use: To analyze something again, possibly using different methods or for new information.
Example: “The research team decided to reanalyze the samples after obtaining new testing equipment.”

10. Recheck

Appropriate use: To look over something again to confirm.
Example: “I’ll recheck the inventory numbers to ensure their accuracy.”

11. Revisit

Appropriate use: To consider or examine something again, particularly for alterations or improvements.
Example: “We should revisit our previous marketing campaigns to understand why they were successful.”

12. Reexplore

Appropriate use: To explore something again or more thoroughly.
Example: “The engineers suggested we reexplore the initial design to find potential improvements.”

13. Redeliberate

Appropriate use: To deliberate or consider again, often in a detailed manner.
Example: “The board will redeliberate the merger proposal next week.”

14. Reflect Again

Appropriate use: To think carefully and deeply about something once more.
Example: “It’s important to reflect again on our company values and how they align with our current direction.”

15. Revise

Appropriate use: To reconsider and alter something in light of further evidence or to correct it.
Example: “The legal team will revise the contract terms based on the recent negotiations.”

16. Scrutinize Again

Appropriate use: To examine something very carefully once more.
Example: “The new findings require us to scrutinize the experiment’s methodology again.”

17. Reinvestigate

Appropriate use: To investigate something again, often to discover additional information.
Example: “The regulatory body decided to reinvestigate the company’s compliance practices.”

18. Rethink

Appropriate use: To think again about a plan, idea, or system, possibly deciding to change it.
Example: “The feedback from the pilot test has led us to rethink our product launch strategy.”

19. Double-check

Appropriate use: To check something again for errors or accuracy.
Example: “Please double-check the report for any discrepancies before we finalize it.”

20. Go over again

Appropriate use: To examine or review something another time.
Example: “We’ll need to go over the project plan again to make sure all objectives are met.”

Linda Brown