What Is Another Way to Say “Based On”?

Looking for synonyms for based on? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say based on.

  • Founded on
  • Grounded in
  • Stemming from
  • Built upon
  • Derived from
  • Dependent on
  • Hinging on
  • Predicated on
  • Contingent on
  • Following
  • In light of
  • As a result of
  • Due to
  • Owing to
  • Influenced by
  • As per
  • In accordance with
  • According to
  • In line with
  • Guided by

Want to learn how to say based on professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Founded on

Used to indicate a strong, established basis for something.
Example: “Our approach is founded on extensive market research.”

2. Grounded in

Appropriate for something based on solid or substantial grounds or evidence.
Example: “The policy is grounded in years of scientific study and analysis.”

3. Stemming from

Suitable for showing the origin or cause of something.
Example: “Our current strategy is stemming from the feedback received from clients.”

4. Built upon

Used when something is developed based on something else.
Example: “The new program is built upon the success of our previous initiatives.”

5. Derived from

Appropriate for something that originates from a specific source.
Example: “Our methodology is derived from proven industry best practices.”

6. Dependent on

Used when something is contingent or reliant on another factor.
Example: “The project’s success is dependent on timely completion of each phase.”

7. Hinging on

Suitable for situations where outcomes are critically dependent on a specific factor.
Example: “The decision will be hinging on the results of the feasibility study.”

8. Predicated on

Ideal for stating that something is established or assumed as a basis.
Example: “Our forecast is predicated on current economic conditions.”

9. Contingent on

Used to indicate that something is dependent on certain conditions.
Example: “The expansion plans are contingent on securing adequate funding.”

10. Following

Appropriate for indicating that something is a result or consequence of something.
Example: “Following the new regulations, we’ve updated our compliance protocols.”

11. In light of

Suitable for showing consideration or taking into account certain facts.
Example: “In light of recent developments, we need to revisit our strategy.”

12. As a result of

Used to indicate a direct outcome or effect.
Example: “As a result of increased demand, we are ramping up production.”

13. Due to

Ideal for showing the cause or reason for something.
Example: “The project’s delay was due to unforeseen technical challenges.”

14. Owing to

Appropriate for attributing something to a specific cause.
Example: “Owing to market volatility, we’re adjusting our investment strategies.”

15. Influenced by

Used to show that something is affected or altered by a particular factor.
Example: “Our approach was significantly influenced by customer feedback.”

16. As per

Suitable for referring to something according to a specific source or statement.
Example: “As per the agreement, the final payment will be made upon completion.”

17. In accordance with

Used for indicating consistency or compatibility with something.
Example: “In accordance with company policy, all employees must undergo training.”

18. According to

Appropriate for referring to information or statements from a source.
Example: “According to the latest data, our market share has increased.”

19. In line with

Suitable for showing conformity or agreement with something.
Example: “The new regulations are in line with international standards.”

20. Guided by

Used to show that actions or decisions are directed or influenced by something.
Example: “Our business ethics are guided by a commitment to sustainability.”

Linda Brown