What Is Another Way to Say “Large Amount”?

Looking for synonyms for large amount? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say large amount.

  • Substantial quantity
  • Vast amount
  • Abundance
  • Plethora
  • Great deal
  • Profusion
  • Copious amount
  • Hefty volume
  • Immense quantity
  • Considerable amount
  • Plentiful supply
  • Significant number
  • Massive volume
  • Extensive amount
  • Ample quantity
  • Sizeable amount
  • Generous portion
  • Huge volume
  • Enormous quantity
  • Tremendous amount

Want to learn how to say large amount professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Substantial Quantity

Used to describe a large but somewhat measurable or definite amount.
Example: “The project requires a substantial quantity of resources to be completed on time.”

2. Vast Amount

Appropriate for describing an extremely large or immense quantity.
Example: “Our data analysis revealed a vast amount of unused data.”

3. Abundance

Suitable for a situation where there is more than enough of something.
Example: “There’s an abundance of talent in the team, making it well-equipped for the challenge.”

4. Plethora

Used to indicate an excessive or large variety of something.
Example: “The new software offers a plethora of features designed to improve productivity.”

5. Great Deal

Appropriate for a situation where the quantity or extent of something is very large.
Example: “The merger will save the company a great deal of money in the long run.”

6. Profusion

Ideal for describing a large quantity of something, often in an overflowing sense.
Example: “There was a profusion of ideas presented at the brainstorming session.”

7. Copious Amount

Used to describe a large amount, often more than what is needed.
Example: “The report contains a copious amount of data on consumer behavior.”

8. Hefty Volume

Suitable for a large and possibly burdensome amount of something.
Example: “This month’s sales generated a hefty volume of data for analysis.”

9. Immense Quantity

Used for an extremely large or vast amount.
Example: “The project will generate an immense quantity of digital content.”

10. Considerable Amount

Appropriate for a notably large amount, worthy of attention.
Example: “A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into developing this new product.”

11. Plentiful Supply

Ideal for a situation where there is a large and adequate amount of something available.
Example: “The warehouse holds a plentiful supply of the materials needed for production.”

12. Significant Number

Used to describe a quantity that is large enough to be noteworthy.
Example: “A significant number of employees have volunteered for the new initiative.”

13. Massive Volume

Suitable for an exceptionally large amount or size.
Example: “The launch of the new product line has generated a massive volume of sales.”

14. Extensive Amount

Used to describe a broad or widespread quantity.
Example: “The survey collected an extensive amount of data from various demographics.”

15. Ample Quantity

Appropriate for a situation where there is more than enough of something.
Example: “There is an ample quantity of resources available to ensure the project’s success.”

16. Sizeable Amount

Ideal for a large, but not excessive, amount.
Example: “The company has invested a sizeable amount in upgrading its IT infrastructure.”

17. Generous Portion

Used to describe a larger than usual or expected amount.
Example: “The budget allocates a generous portion to research and development.”

18. Huge Volume

Suitable for an exceptionally large amount, often overwhelming.
Example: “The campaign generated a huge volume of responses from potential customers.”

19. Enormous Quantity

Used to describe an extraordinarily large amount.
Example: “The acquisition brought in an enormous quantity of new assets to the company.”

20. Tremendous Amount

Appropriate for an extremely large or great amount.
Example: “The new regulation will require a tremendous amount of work to implement.”

Linda Brown