What Is Another Way to Say “Push For”?

Looking for synonyms for push for? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say push for.

  • Advocate for
  • Campaign for
  • Promote
  • Urge
  • Lobby for
  • Press for
  • Champion
  • Argue for
  • Encourage
  • Support
  • Propose
  • Recommend
  • Call for
  • Back
  • Demand
  • Insist on
  • Strive for
  • Work towards
  • Seek
  • Fight for

Want to learn how to say push for professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Advocate for

Used when actively supporting or recommending a particular cause or policy.
Example: “She continues to advocate for environmental sustainability in corporate practices.”

2. Campaign for

Appropriate for actively working over a period to achieve a goal, often in public or political contexts.
Example: “The organization launched a campaign for more transparent government spending.”

3. Promote

Indicates efforts to support, advance, or raise awareness for a cause, idea, or product.
Example: “He promoted the adoption of renewable energy sources within the company.”

4. Urge

Used when strongly advising or trying to persuade someone to take a particular action.
Example: “The CEO urged the board to consider the new investment opportunity.”

5. Lobby for

Suitable for attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government or other institutions.
Example: “They lobbied for changes in the law to support small businesses.”

6. Press for

Refers to persistently demanding something until it is achieved.
Example: “Activists are pressing for urgent reforms in the education system.”

7. Champion

Used when vigorously supporting or defending a cause or proposal.
Example: “She championed the initiative for gender equality in the workplace.”

8. Argue for

Appropriate for presenting reasons or evidence in support of a particular position or action.
Example: “The committee argued for a revision of the company’s ethical guidelines.”

9. Encourage

Indicates motivating or stimulating someone to do something, often something positive or beneficial.
Example: “Management encouraged innovation and creativity among the staff.”

10. Support

Used for providing assistance or backing to a cause, idea, or policy.
Example: “The company supports the use of eco-friendly materials in its products.”

11. Propose

Suitable for putting forward an idea or plan for consideration or action.
Example: “He proposed a new approach to improve team productivity.”

12. Recommend

Refers to suggesting something as being particularly suitable or beneficial.
Example: “The consultant recommended significant changes to the workflow process.”

13. Call for

Indicates a public or formal demand for something to happen.
Example: “The employees called for better working conditions and fair pay.”

14. Back

Used for giving support or approval to someone or something.
Example: “The board backed the decision to expand the company overseas.”

15. Demand

Indicates asking for something forcefully, especially as a right.
Example: “The union demanded increased safety measures in the workplace.”

16. Insist on

Refers to demanding something forcefully and not accepting refusal.
Example: “The director insisted on strict adherence to the new policy.”

17. Strive for

Suitable for making great efforts to achieve or obtain something.
Example: “She is striving for excellence in customer service.”

18. Work towards

Used when making an effort over time to achieve a goal or objective.
Example: “The team is working towards completing the project ahead of schedule.”

19. Seek

Indicates attempting to obtain or achieve something.
Example: “The organization seeks to increase diversity in its hiring practices.”

20. Fight for

Appropriate for vigorously campaigning to achieve or preserve something.
Example: “Employees are fighting for equal rights and representation in the workplace.”

Linda Brown