What Is Another Way to Say “Put Aside”?

Looking for synonyms for put aside? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say put aside.

  • Set aside
  • Save
  • Reserve
  • Allocate
  • Store
  • Shelve
  • Defer
  • Postpone
  • Table
  • Stow
  • Squirrel away
  • Hoard
  • Tuck away
  • Stockpile
  • Bank

Want to learn how to say put aside professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Set aside

Appropriate Use: Designating something for a particular purpose or to be used at a later time.
Example: “The committee agreed to set aside a portion of the budget for emergency expenses.”

2. Save

Appropriate Use: Keeping something, especially money or resources, for future use.
Example: “The department decided to save a part of their funds for the upcoming fiscal year.”

3. Reserve

Appropriate Use: Allocating resources or space for a specific use or person.
Example: “We have reserved a meeting room for the training session next week.”

4. Allocate

Appropriate Use: Distributing resources or duties for a particular purpose.
Example: “The project manager will allocate tasks to team members based on their expertise.”

5. Store

Appropriate Use: Keeping or placing something in a location for future use.
Example: “The company stores backup data in a secure off-site location.”

6. Shelve

Appropriate Use: Deciding not to proceed with a plan or project, either temporarily or permanently.
Example: “Due to budget cuts, the marketing team had to shelve the advertising campaign.”

7. Defer

Appropriate Use: Postponing something to a later time.
Example: “The decision on the software upgrade was deferred until more information was available.”

8. Postpone

Appropriate Use: Delaying an event or arrangement to a later time.
Example: “The conference has been postponed until next quarter due to scheduling conflicts.”

9. Table

Appropriate Use: In American English, it means to postpone consideration of something.
Example: “The board decided to table the discussion on the merger until the next meeting.”

10. Stow

Appropriate Use: Placing something safely in a particular place until it is needed.
Example: “All confidential documents must be stowed in the locked cabinets.”

11. Squirrel away

Appropriate Use: Informal, saving money or something else in a safe place.
Example: “He squirreled away some of his salary every month for retirement.”

12. Hoard

Appropriate Use: Accumulating something in a hidden or carefully guarded place for preservation or future use.
Example: “The company has been hoarding office supplies to prepare for potential shortages.”

13. Tuck away

Appropriate Use: Putting something in a safe or secluded space.
Example: “The documents were tucked away in a secure drawer for confidentiality.”

14. Stockpile

Appropriate Use: Accumulating a large quantity of something for future use.
Example: “The IT department stockpiled spare parts for critical equipment.”

15. Bank

Appropriate Use: Saving money in a financial institution or saving something for future use.
Example: “The company banked its profits for future investments in research and development.”

Linda Brown