What Is Another Way to Say “Managed”?

Looking for synonyms for managed? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say managed.

  • Administered
  • Oversaw
  • Supervised
  • Handled
  • Controlled
  • Directed
  • Conducted
  • Operated
  • Ran
  • Governed
  • Guided
  • Coordinated
  • Regulated
  • Organized
  • Led
  • Steered
  • Maintained
  • Commanded
  • Executed
  • Piloted

Want to learn how to say managed professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Administered

Appropriate Use: To have been responsible for the implementation or management of.
Example: “She successfully administered the company’s HR policies.”

2. Oversaw

Appropriate Use: To have supervised or watched over a process or work.
Example: “He oversaw the construction project, ensuring timely completion.”

3. Supervised

Appropriate Use: To have had oversight and direction of activities or workers.
Example: “She supervised a team of engineers in the new product development.”

4. Handled

Appropriate Use: To have dealt with or managed a situation or problem.
Example: “He handled the negotiations with the suppliers professionally.”

5. Controlled

Appropriate Use: To have exercised restraint or direction over something.
Example: “The manager controlled the budget effectively to avoid overspending.”

6. Directed

Appropriate Use: To have guided or managed through instruction or command.
Example: “She directed a successful marketing campaign for the product launch.”

7. Conducted

Appropriate Use: To have led or guided to a desired result.
Example: “He conducted extensive research to improve the company’s operations.”

8. Operated

Appropriate Use: To have controlled the functioning of.
Example: “She operated the regional offices with great efficiency.”

9. Ran

Appropriate Use: To have been in charge of the operations or management.
Example: “He ran the IT department, implementing several key upgrades.”

10. Governed

Appropriate Use: To have ruled over or managed the affairs or actions of.
Example: “The committee governed the project with clear guidelines and objectives.”

11. Guided

Appropriate Use: To have directed or influenced toward a course of action.
Example: “She guided her team through the challenges of the project.”

12. Coordinated

Appropriate Use: To have brought various elements into a harmonious or efficient relationship.
Example: “He coordinated the efforts of multiple departments to achieve the project goals.”

13. Regulated

Appropriate Use: To have controlled or directed by rules, principles, or methods.
Example: “The operations manager regulated workflow to maximize productivity.”

14. Organized

Appropriate Use: To have arranged or structured interdependent parts.
Example: “She organized international conferences, handling all logistical aspects.”

15. Led

Appropriate Use: To have guided in direction, course, action, or opinion.
Example: “He led the research team in developing innovative solutions.”

16. Steered

Appropriate Use: To have guided the course of.
Example: “She steered the company through a period of significant change.”

17. Maintained

Appropriate Use: To have kept in an existing state or preserved from failure or decline.
Example: “The engineer maintained high standards of quality control.”

18. Commanded

Appropriate Use: To have had control or authority over.
Example: “The CEO commanded the organization, driving substantial growth.”

19. Executed

Appropriate Use: To have carried out or accomplished a plan, order, or course of action.
Example: “He executed the strategic plan with precision and attention to detail.”

20. Piloted

Appropriate Use: To have led or conducted through an unfamiliar course.
Example: “She piloted the pilot project that eventually led to a major breakthrough in the company.”

Linda Brown