What Is Another Way to Say “Give In”?

Looking for synonyms for give in? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say give in.

  • Yield
  • Surrender
  • Succumb
  • Capitulate
  • Relent
  • Concede
  • Acquiesce
  • Submit
  • Cede
  • Bow
  • Comply
  • Cave
  • Buckle under
  • Fold
  • Back down

Want to learn how to say give in professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Yield

Appropriate Use: Suitable for showing submission or ceasing to argue.
Example: “After extensive negotiations, the team finally yielded to the new terms.”

2. Surrender

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations involving giving up completely.
Example: “The project manager had to surrender the original plan in favor of a more feasible approach.”

3. Succumb

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for giving in to a stronger force or influence.
Example: “He eventually succumbed to the pressure and agreed to the client’s demands.”

4. Capitulate

Appropriate Use: Best used in formal contexts where someone agrees to stop resisting.
Example: “The company had to capitulate to the new regulations imposed by the government.”

5. Relent

Appropriate Use: Suitable for softening one’s attitude or position in a dispute.
Example: “After much debate, she relented and accepted the compromise proposed by her team.”

6. Concede

Appropriate Use: Ideal for acknowledging, often unwillingly, that something is true or right.
Example: “The manager conceded that the opposing viewpoint had some merit.”

7. Acquiesce

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for agreeing or consenting quietly without protest.
Example: “He finally acquiesced to the new process after understanding its benefits.”

8. Submit

Appropriate Use: Suitable for yielding to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.
Example: “The team decided to submit to the expert’s advice on the project.”

9. Cede

Appropriate Use: Best for giving up power or territory, especially reluctantly.
Example: “The director had to cede control of the committee to his deputy.”

10. Bow

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for showing deference or submission.
Example: “In the end, they had to bow to the inevitable and postpone the event.”

11. Comply

Appropriate Use: Ideal for acting in accordance with a wish or command.
Example: “We must comply with the new guidelines set forth by the board.”

12. Cave

Appropriate Use: Suitable for succumbing or yielding in a particularly abrupt or ungraceful manner.
Example: “Under immense financial strain, the company finally caved to the creditor’s demands.”

13. Buckle Under

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for collapsing under pressure or stress.
Example: “The team buckled under the intense workload and had to seek additional support.”

14. Fold

Appropriate Use: Best for giving up a struggle or competition.
Example: “Faced with overwhelming competition, the smaller company had to fold.”

15. Back Down

Appropriate Use: Suitable for withdrawing a claim or challenge in a dispute.
Example: “After the strong counter-arguments, he had no choice but to back down.”

Linda Brown