What Is Another Way to Say “Manage”?

Looking for synonyms for manage? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say manage.

  • Administer
  • Oversee
  • Supervise
  • Handle
  • Control
  • Direct
  • Conduct
  • Operate
  • Run
  • Govern
  • Guide
  • Coordinate
  • Regulate
  • Organize
  • Lead
  • Steer
  • Maintain
  • Command
  • Execute
  • Pilot

Want to learn how to say manage professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Administer

Appropriate Use: To manage or supervise the execution, use, or conduct of.
Example: “She administers the annual budget for the department.”

2. Oversee

Appropriate Use: To supervise or watch over a process, work, or workers.
Example: “The project manager oversees all phases of the construction project.”

3. Supervise

Appropriate Use: To be in charge of and direct the work or workers.
Example: “He supervises a team of software engineers in the development of new applications.”

4. Handle

Appropriate Use: To deal with or manage a situation or problem.
Example: “She handles client relations for the company.”

5. Control

Appropriate Use: To exercise restraint or direction over; dominate or command.
Example: “The director controls the workflow to ensure efficiency and quality.”

6. Direct

Appropriate Use: To manage or guide by advice, helpful information, or instruction.
Example: “He directs the marketing team towards achieving their quarterly goals.”

7. Conduct

Appropriate Use: To lead or guide to a desired result.
Example: “She conducts training sessions for new employees.”

8. Operate

Appropriate Use: To control the functioning of; run or use.
Example: “The manager operates several retail outlets in the region.”

9. Run

Appropriate Use: To manage or govern the operations of.
Example: “He runs a successful IT consulting firm.”

10. Govern

Appropriate Use: To rule over or manage the affairs, actions, or conduct of.
Example: “The board governs the organization’s strategic decisions.”

11. Guide

Appropriate Use: To direct, supervise, or influence toward a particular course.
Example: “She guides her team through complex project stages.”

12. Coordinate

Appropriate Use: To bring into a common action, movement, or condition.
Example: “He coordinates the efforts of various departments to ensure project success.”

13. Regulate

Appropriate Use: To control or direct by a rule, principle, or method.
Example: “The agency regulates industry compliance with environmental standards.”

14. Organize

Appropriate Use: To arrange or constitute in interdependent parts, each having a specific function or relation.
Example: “She organizes conferences and events for the company.”

15. Lead

Appropriate Use: To guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.
Example: “He leads a team of researchers in groundbreaking studies.”

16. Steer

Appropriate Use: To guide the course of; direct or control.
Example: “She steers the company’s vision towards sustainable practices.”

17. Maintain

Appropriate Use: To keep in an existing state; preserve from failure or decline.
Example: “The technician maintains the performance of the critical machinery.”

18. Command

Appropriate Use: To have control or authority over; lead.
Example: “The CEO commands the entire organization with a focus on innovation and growth.”

19. Execute

Appropriate Use: To carry out or accomplish.
Example: “The manager executes strategic plans to enhance operational efficiency.”

20. Pilot

Appropriate Use: To lead or conduct through an unfamiliar course.
Example: “She pilots innovative projects that explore new market opportunities.”

Linda Brown