What Is Another Way to Say “Make It Happen”?

Looking for synonyms for make it happen? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say make it happen.

  • Facilitate
  • Implement
  • Execute
  • Realize
  • Accomplish
  • Achieve
  • Bring to fruition
  • Effectuate
  • Carry out
  • Actualize
  • Fulfill
  • Enact
  • Materialize
  • Complete
  • Engineer
  • Produce
  • Manifest
  • Attain
  • Deliver
  • Concretize

Want to learn how to say make it happen professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Facilitate

Used when making a process easier or less difficult.

  • Example: “The manager’s role is to facilitate the team’s development of the new product.”

2. Implement

Refers to putting a decision, plan, agreement, etc., into effect.

  • Example: “We need to implement the strategies we discussed in the last meeting.”

3. Execute

Used for carrying out a plan, order, or course of action.

  • Example: “The marketing team executed the campaign flawlessly.”

4. Realize

Refers to making something happen or turning it into a reality.

  • Example: “She worked tirelessly to realize her vision for the company.”

5. Accomplish

Used when achieving something by effort, skill, or courage.

  • Example: “The team worked together to accomplish the project goals ahead of schedule.”

6. Achieve

Refers to successfully bringing about or reaching a desired objective or result by effort, skill, or courage.

  • Example: “He achieved remarkable results in his first year as CEO.”

7. Bring to Fruition

Used to make something planned or previously thought of happen.

  • Example: “After years of research, the scientists brought the new technology to fruition.”

8. Effectuate

Refers to putting something into force or operation.

  • Example: “The policy changes were effectuated to improve efficiency.”

9. Carry Out

Used for doing or completing a task or action.

  • Example: “The IT department successfully carried out the system upgrade.”

10. Actualize

Refers to making a reality of something previously imagined or planned.

  • Example: “The entrepreneur actualized his idea into a successful startup.”

11. Fulfill

Used when achieving or realizing something desired, promised, or predicted.

  • Example: “She fulfilled her promise to revitalize the organization.”

12. Enact

Refers to acting out a role or putting into action a plan or law.

  • Example: “The new regulations were enacted to ensure consumer safety.”

13. Materialize

Used when something becomes actual fact or reality.

  • Example: “The project materialized after months of planning.”

14. Complete

Refers to finishing making or doing something.

  • Example: “He completed the development of the new software on time.”

15. Engineer

Used for skillfully arranging for something to occur.

  • Example: “She engineered a turnaround strategy for the struggling department.”

16. Produce

Refers to creating or forming something as a result of a process.

  • Example: “The team produced a comprehensive report on market trends.”

17. Manifest

Used when displaying or showing a quality or feeling by one’s acts or appearance.

  • Example: “The company’s success is a manifest of its innovative culture.”

18. Attain

Refers to achieving a goal, especially after effort or skill.

  • Example: “He attained his targets for the quarter well in advance.”

19. Deliver

Used for producing or providing what is promised or expected.

  • Example: “The project manager ensured to deliver the results on time.”

20. Concretize

Refers to making an idea or concept real and tangible.

  • Example: “The team’s efforts concretized the concept into a viable product.”

Linda Brown