What Is Another Way to Say “To Become Older”?

Looking for synonyms for to become older? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say to become older.

  • Age
  • Mature
  • Grow old
  • Age gracefully
  • Ripen
  • Mellow
  • Season
  • Advance in years
  • Get on in years
  • Senesce
  • Weather
  • Evolve
  • Develop
  • Progress
  • Gain experience
  • Accumulate years
  • Deepen in wisdom
  • Grow wiser
  • Enhance with time
  • Flourish with age

Want to learn how to say to become older professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Age

Used to describe the process of growing older.
Example: “The wine will improve as it ages.”

2. Mature

Appropriate for indicating development to a more advanced state.
Example: “As leaders mature, they often develop a more empathetic leadership style.”

3. Grow old

Used to simply state the process of becoming older.
Example: “They plan to grow old together while pursuing their career goals.”

4. Age gracefully

Suitable for aging in a dignified, elegant, and admirable manner.
Example: “The architect’s designs have aged gracefully, remaining relevant over the years.”

5. Ripen

Used for the process of becoming fully matured, especially in context of fruits or ideas.
Example: “The concept for the project ripened over several brainstorming sessions.”

6. Mellow

Appropriate for becoming gentler or more relaxed with age.
Example: “The CEO’s management style has mellowed after years of experience.”

7. Season

Used to describe gaining experience or proficiency over time.
Example: “The seasoned professional offered valuable insights into the industry.”

8. Advance in years

Suitable for formally stating the process of getting older.
Example: “As he advanced in years, he focused more on mentoring young talent.”

9. Get on in years

Used colloquially to describe aging.
Example: “The scientist, getting on in years, remained active in research.”

10. Senesce

Appropriate for a biological or technical description of aging.
Example: “The trees in the orchard begin to senesce after several decades.”

11. Weather

Used to describe enduring time, often with implications of overcoming challenges.
Example: “The old building has weathered many storms over the years.”

12. Evolve

Suitable for indicating development and change over time.
Example: “Her leadership style evolved significantly throughout her career.”

13. Develop

Used to describe the process of growth and change.
Example: “The company’s strategies have developed over years of market changes.”

14. Progress

Appropriate for moving forward or advancing in a particular aspect.
Example: “He has progressed in his understanding of complex theories.”

15. Gain experience

Used to indicate acquiring knowledge or skill over time.
Example: “Through various roles, she has gained considerable experience.”

16. Accumulate years

Suitable for simply denoting the passing of time.
Example: “The professor has accumulated years of invaluable knowledge in his field.”

17. Deepen in wisdom

Appropriate for becoming wiser over time.
Example: “With each challenge, the leader deepened in wisdom.”

18. Grow wiser

Used to describe the process of gaining wisdom with age.
Example: “She grew wiser with each project she managed.”

19. Enhance with time

Suitable for improving or becoming better over time.
Example: “His skills as a negotiator have enhanced with time.”

20. Flourish with age

Used to indicate thriving or prospering with age.
Example: “The artist’s creativity seemed to flourish with age.”

Linda Brown