What Is Another Way to Say “Lying Down”?

Looking for synonyms for lying down? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say lying down.

  • Reclining
  • Sprawling
  • Lounging
  • Reposing
  • Prostrate
  • Lying prone
  • Stretching out
  • Lying supine
  • Resting
  • Slumbering
  • Flat out
  • Lying flat
  • Lying back
  • Lolling
  • Draped

Want to learn how to say lying down professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Reclining

Used to describe lying back in a relaxed position, often with support.

  • Example: “He was reclining in his office chair during the break, taking a moment to relax.”

2. Sprawling

Refers to lying spread out, often in a casual or relaxed manner.

  • Example: “During the team outing, they were sprawling on the grass enjoying the sunshine.”

3. Lounging

Used when someone is lying in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

  • Example: “She was lounging on the sofa in the break room during her lunch hour.”

4. Reposing

A formal or poetic term for resting in a horizontal position.

  • Example: “In the quiet library corner, he found a couch to repose for a few minutes.”

5. Prostrate

Refers to lying flat, especially face downward, often implying weakness or submission.

  • Example: “Exhausted, he lay prostrate on the floor after completing the marathon training.”

6. Lying Prone

Describes lying face down.

  • Example: “For back exercises, start by lying prone on the mat.”

7. Stretching Out

Refers to lying with the body fully extended.

  • Example: “After a long day at work, she enjoyed stretching out on her bed.”

8. Lying Supine

Describes lying on one’s back, face upward.

  • Example: “During the yoga session, the instructor asked everyone to start by lying supine.”

9. Resting

Used broadly for lying down to relax or recover strength.

  • Example: “He was resting in his office after feeling unwell.”

10. Slumbering

A poetic or formal way to describe lying down to sleep.

  • Example: “The night shift workers were slumbering during the day to prepare for their shift.”

11. Flat Out

Describes lying fully stretched out, often implying exhaustion or full commitment.

  • Example: “After the long hike, she was flat out on the hotel bed.”

12. Lying Flat

Refers to lying down straight without bending the body.

  • Example: “For proper alignment, start the exercise by lying flat on your back.”

13. Lying Back

Describes a semi-reclined position, with support under the upper body.

  • Example: “He was lying back in his adjustable chair during the conference call.”

14. Lolling

Refers to lying in a relaxed or lazy manner, often with parts of the body hanging loosely.

  • Example: “She was lolling on the hammock during her break, enjoying the breeze.”

15. Draped

A poetic or artistic term for lying down in a relaxed, often elegant pose.

  • Example: “In the company’s wellness room, he was draped over a beanbag, meditating.”

Linda Brown