What Is Another Way to Say “Leaning Towards”?

Looking for synonyms for leaning towards? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say leaning towards.

  • Inclined towards
  • Favoring
  • Biased towards
  • Predisposed to
  • Partial to
  • Tending towards
  • Gravitating towards
  • Drawn to
  • Showing a preference for
  • Swinging towards
  • Skewed towards
  • Veering towards
  • Tilted towards
  • Slanted towards
  • Trending towards

Want to learn how to say leaning towards professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Inclined Towards

Usage: Suitable for expressing a tendency or preference for something.
Example: “The committee is inclined towards adopting a more flexible work policy.”

2. Favoring

Usage: Ideal for showing support or preference for one option over others.
Example: “Management is favoring the expansion of digital marketing initiatives.”

3. Biased Towards

Usage: Appropriate when there’s an unfair preference or inclination towards something.
Example: “The selection process appeared biased towards candidates with certain qualifications.”

4. Predisposed To

Usage: Used when someone has a natural tendency or inclination to something.
Example: “As a long-time advocate of sustainability, she is predisposed to eco-friendly practices.”

5. Partial To

Usage: Suitable for showing a liking or preference for something.
Example: “He’s partial to using traditional methods in his approach to research.”

6. Tending Towards

Usage: Ideal for indicating a general direction or tendency in thoughts, actions, or decisions.
Example: “The latest data shows consumers tending towards online shopping.”

7. Gravitating Towards

Usage: Appropriate for being attracted to or moving toward something naturally or inevitably.
Example: “New employees are gravitating towards flexible work hours and remote working options.”

8. Drawn To

Usage: Used when someone is attracted to something or someone strongly.
Example: “She is drawn to innovative problem-solving techniques in her field.”

9. Showing a Preference For

Usage: Suitable for explicitly indicating a choice or preference.
Example: “In the survey, many employees showed a preference for a four-day workweek.”

10. Swinging Towards

Usage: Ideal for indicating a change in opinion, decision, or trend towards something.
Example: “Market trends are swinging towards environmentally sustainable products.”

11. Skewed Towards

Usage: Appropriate for describing a disproportionate focus or emphasis in one direction.
Example: “The investment strategy is skewed towards high-risk, high-return assets.”

12. Veering Towards

Usage: Used when changing direction or approach towards something.
Example: “The company is veering towards more user-centric product designs.”

13. Tilted Towards

Usage: Suitable for a slight inclination or bias in a particular direction.
Example: “His analysis is tilted towards a more optimistic forecast of the economy.”

14. Slanted Towards

Usage: Ideal for indicating a particular viewpoint or angle, often suggesting bias.
Example: “The report is slanted towards highlighting the successes, overlooking some challenges.”

Usage: Appropriate for describing a general movement or direction towards something.
Example: “There’s a clear trend towards remote working in many industries.”

Linda Brown