What Is Another Way to Say “Group of Friends”?

Looking for synonyms for group of friends? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say group of friends.

  • Circle of friends
  • Clique
  • Gang
  • Squad
  • Crew
  • Band
  • Posse
  • Company
  • Fellowship
  • Brotherhood
  • Pack
  • Coterie
  • Clan
  • Assembly
  • Bunch
  • Gathering
  • Troop
  • Social circle
  • Team
  • Party

Want to learn how to say group of friends professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Circle of Friends

Used to describe a close-knit group of friends.

  • Example: “Our circle of friends from college still meets up annually for a reunion.”

2. Clique

Refers to a small group of people with shared interests, sometimes exclusive of others.

  • Example: “The office clique often goes out for lunch together.”

3. Gang

Used informally to refer to a group of friends or associates.

  • Example: “The whole gang got together to celebrate the successful project completion.”

4. Squad

A trendy term often used among younger people to refer to their group of friends.

  • Example: “The marketing squad is known for their creative brainstorming sessions.”

5. Crew

Refers to a group of friends or colleagues, often working together.

  • Example: “The film crew worked tirelessly to finish the documentary on time.”

6. Band

Can refer to a group of people united with a common goal or interest.

  • Example: “The band of volunteers made significant contributions to the community project.”

7. Posse

Informal, often used to describe a group of friends or companions.

  • Example: “She arrived at the conference with her posse of fellow researchers.”

8. Company

Refers to companionship or a group of companions.

  • Example: “He enjoyed the company of his colleagues during the business trip.”

9. Fellowship

Used for a group of people sharing common interests, goals, or experiences.

  • Example: “The fellowship of scientists collaborated on the groundbreaking research.”

10. Brotherhood

Indicates a deep bond or camaraderie among a group of people.

  • Example: “The brotherhood of firefighters is known for their bravery and unity.”

11. Pack

Often used to describe a close-knit group, implying loyalty.

  • Example: “The sales pack was determined to meet their quarterly targets.”

12. Coterie

Refers to a small, exclusive group of people with shared interests.

  • Example: “A coterie of artists came together to create the art exhibition.”

13. Clan

Used to describe a tight-knit group, often larger, sharing a common trait.

  • Example: “The Johnson clan gathers every year for a family business meeting.”

14. Assembly

Refers to a group gathered together, usually for a specific purpose.

  • Example: “The assembly of environmentalists advocated for policy changes.”

15. Bunch

An informal term for a group of people.

  • Example: “A bunch of us from the office are planning to volunteer this weekend.”

16. Gathering

Used to describe a group of people coming together, often for a social event.

  • Example: “The annual employee gathering is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements.”

17. Troop

Can refer to a group of people, particularly in a scouting or military context.

  • Example: “The troop of volunteers assembled to help set up the charity event.”

18. Social Circle

Refers to a group of friends or acquaintances in a social context.

  • Example: “Her social circle includes people from various professional backgrounds.”

19. Team

Often used in both professional and casual contexts to refer to a group working together.

  • Example: “Our team frequently collaborates on projects and socializes after work.”

20. Party

Used to describe a group of people who are together for a social event or activity.

  • Example: “The party of colleagues decided to take a group cooking class for team building.”

Linda Brown