What Is Another Way to Say “Breaking the Law”?

Looking for synonyms for breaking the law? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say breaking the law.

  • Committing a crime
  • Violating the law
  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Contravening the law
  • Infringing legal codes
  • Flouting the law
  • Defying legal regulations
  • Disobeying legal mandates
  • Transgressing statutes
  • Breaching legal norms

Want to learn how to say breaking the law professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Committing a Crime

“Committing a crime” is used when an individual or group performs an action that is against the law.

  • Example: The CEO was found guilty of committing a crime related to financial fraud.

2. Violating the Law

“Violating the law” refers to doing something that is not allowed by legal statutes.

  • Example: The corporation was penalized for violating the law regarding environmental regulations.

3. Engaging in Illegal Activities

“Engaging in illegal activities” is when someone participates in actions that are against the law.

  • Example: The employees were dismissed for engaging in illegal activities within the company.

4. Contravening the Law

“Contravening the law” means acting in a way that goes against legal directives or statutes.

  • Example: By not adhering to safety protocols, the factory was found to be contravening the law.

“Infringing legal codes” refers to the act of breaking rules or laws that are established in legal codes.

  • Example: The software company was sued for infringing legal codes related to intellectual property rights.

6. Flouting the Law

“Flouting the law” implies openly disregarding or showing contempt for legal requirements.

  • Example: The landlord was accused of flouting the law by ignoring building codes.

“Defying legal regulations” involves openly resisting or challenging established legal rules.

  • Example: The activist was arrested for defying legal regulations during the protest.

“Disobeying legal mandates” is the act of not following orders or requirements set forth by law.

  • Example: The company faced severe fines for disobeying legal mandates regarding consumer data protection.

9. Transgressing Statutes

“Transgressing statutes” means going beyond the limits set by legal statutes.

  • Example: The financial advisor was found guilty of transgressing statutes governing securities trading.

“Breaching legal norms” refers to breaking the standard legal practices or expectations.

  • Example: The merger was investigated for potentially breaching legal norms related to competition law.

Linda Brown