What Is Another Way to Say “Lift Up”?

Looking for synonyms for lift up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say lift up.

  • Elevate
  • Raise
  • Hoist
  • Uplift
  • Boost
  • Heighten
  • Ascend
  • Upgrade
  • Enhance
  • Exalt
  • Promote
  • Upthrust
  • Upheave
  • Upward lift
  • Levitate
  • Erect
  • Amplify
  • Escalate
  • Upturn
  • Skyrocket

Want to learn how to say lift up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Elevate

Used when increasing something’s height, status, or quality.

  • Example: “The new initiative aims to elevate the company’s brand reputation.”

2. Raise

Appropriate for lifting something to a higher position or increasing an amount.

  • Example: “The board decided to raise the annual budget for research and development.”

3. Hoist

Refers to lifting or raising something heavy with a mechanical device.

  • Example: “We need to hoist the new equipment to the top floor of the building.”

4. Uplift

Used metaphorically to refer to improving or elevating someone’s mood or spirits.

  • Example: “The CEO’s inspiring speech uplifted the employees’ morale.”

5. Boost

Appropriate for giving a lift or increase to something, often used in the context of improvement or encouragement.

  • Example: “Implementing these strategies will boost overall productivity.”

6. Heighten

Refers to making something taller or higher, or increasing in intensity or amount.

  • Example: “The marketing campaign helped to heighten awareness of the brand.”

7. Ascend

Used when something goes up or climbs, often used in a literal or figurative context.

  • Example: “The company’s profits continued to ascend throughout the fiscal year.”

8. Upgrade

Refers to raising something to a higher standard or better condition.

  • Example: “We plan to upgrade our IT infrastructure to improve efficiency.”

9. Enhance

Appropriate for lifting something in terms of quality, value, or attractiveness.

  • Example: “Enhancing our customer service will significantly improve client satisfaction.”

10. Exalt

Used to raise something in rank, dignity, power, or quality, often in a noble or dignified manner.

  • Example: “Her exceptional leadership skills exalted her to a managerial position.”

11. Promote

Refers to moving something to a higher position or rank.

  • Example: “After years of hard work, she was promoted to the position of Director.”

12. Upthrust

Appropriate in a physical context for the upward force exerted by a fluid on a submerged or floating object.

  • Example: “Engineers need to consider the upthrust when designing marine vessels.”

13. Upheave

Used to lift or raise something with a great force, often in a geological context.

  • Example: “The tectonic movements upheaved the earth’s crust, forming new mountains.”

14. Upward Lift

Refers to the act of lifting something in an upward direction.

  • Example: “The upward lift of the hot air balloon was smooth and steady.”

15. Levitate

Used when something is lifted or floated in the air, often in a magical or supernatural context.

  • Example: “The magician amazed the audience with his ability to levitate objects.”

16. Erect

Appropriate for constructing or raising something in an upright position.

  • Example: “The construction team worked tirelessly to erect the new skyscraper.”

17. Amplify

Refers to increasing or lifting something in terms of sound, effect, or importance.

  • Example: “The new marketing strategy significantly amplified our reach.”

18. Escalate

Used when something increases or intensifies, especially in a rapid or significant manner.

  • Example: “The company’s escalating success is due to its innovative products.”

19. Upturn

Appropriate for turning something upwards or improving a situation.

  • Example: “The recent changes in policy led to an upturn in the economy.”

20. Skyrocket

Refers to something shooting up rapidly or increasing quickly in amount or extent.

  • Example: “After the product launch, sales began to skyrocket unexpectedly.”

Linda Brown