What Is Another Way to Say “Set Out”?

Looking for synonyms for set out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say set out.

  • Embark
  • Commence
  • Begin
  • Start
  • Initiate
  • Launch
  • Undertake
  • Depart
  • Set forth
  • Proceed
  • Inaugurate
  • Kick off
  • Instigate
  • Open
  • Activate
  • Enter upon
  • Strike out
  • Make a start
  • Take the first step
  • Get going

Want to learn how to say set out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Embark

Appropriate Use: To start a journey or new venture.
Example: “The team is ready to embark on the new marketing campaign.”

2. Commence

Appropriate Use: To begin or start a process or event.
Example: “The company will commence its operations in the new office next Monday.”

3. Begin

Appropriate Use: To start or initiate something.
Example: “She will begin her presentation after the introductions.”

4. Start

Appropriate Use: The act of initiating an activity or process.
Example: “He is excited to start his new role in the product development team.”

5. Initiate

Appropriate Use: To cause a process or action to begin.
Example: “The manager will initiate the training program for new hires.”

6. Launch

Appropriate Use: To start or introduce something new, such as a product or project.
Example: “The company is planning to launch its new software next quarter.”

7. Undertake

Appropriate Use: To commit oneself to and begin a task or responsibility.
Example: “We will undertake a thorough review of our policies.”

8. Depart

Appropriate Use: To leave, especially to start a journey or new venture.
Example: “She will depart for the business trip early tomorrow morning.”

9. Set Forth

Appropriate Use: To start a journey or to state or describe something, especially in writing.
Example: “The proposal set forth the objectives and timeline of the project.”

10. Proceed

Appropriate Use: To begin or continue a course of action.
Example: “After the brief, the team will proceed with the next phase of development.”

11. Inaugurate

Appropriate Use: To begin or introduce a system, policy, or period.
Example: “The CEO will inaugurate the new global initiative next week.”

12. Kick Off

Appropriate Use: Informal term for starting an event or activity.
Example: “The annual sales conference will kick off with a keynote speech from the director.”

13. Instigate

Appropriate Use: To initiate an action or event.
Example: “She was chosen to instigate the new community outreach program.”

14. Open

Appropriate Use: To make something accessible or begin operations.
Example: “The new branch office will open in downtown next month.”

15. Activate

Appropriate Use: To start or turn on a system or process.
Example: “Activate the new software system at the start of next week.”

16. Enter Upon

Appropriate Use: Formal term for starting a particular task or role.
Example: “He will enter upon his duties as the new CFO next Monday.”

17. Strike Out

Appropriate Use: To begin a new and independent course or action.
Example: “After years in the industry, she decided to strike out on her own and start a business.”

18. Make a Start

Appropriate Use: To begin doing something.
Example: “Let’s make a start on the project plan first thing tomorrow morning.”

19. Take the First Step

Appropriate Use: To initiate the first action in a process or journey.
Example: “Taking the first step towards digital transformation is crucial for our company’s future.”

20. Get Going

Appropriate Use: Informal term for beginning an activity or task.
Example: “We need to get going on the new marketing strategy to capitalize on current trends.”

Linda Brown