What Is Another Way to Say “Life Cycle”?

Looking for synonyms for life cycle? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say life cycle.

  • Existence span
  • Duration of life
  • Lifecycle
  • Life span
  • Life process
  • Life course
  • Natural progression
  • Growth cycle
  • Developmental cycle
  • Life sequence
  • Biological cycle
  • Survival cycle
  • Life’s journey
  • Life phase
  • Life stages
  • Life period
  • Life history
  • Living cycle
  • Evolutionary cycle
  • Life progression

Want to learn how to say life cycle professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Existence Span

Used to describe the entire duration from the beginning to the end of a living being or entity’s existence.

  • Example: “The existence span of the product covered its development to its market withdrawal.”

2. Duration of Life

Refers to the total time period a living organism or system exists.

  • Example: “The duration of life of this species of tree can extend up to 500 years.”

3. Lifecycle

A general term used to describe the various stages from the beginning to the end of a living organism’s life or a product’s existence.

  • Example: “We are assessing the environmental impact at every stage of the product’s lifecycle.”

4. Life Span

Refers to the length of time a living being, organization, or concept exists.

  • Example: “The research focuses on factors that influence the life span of marine mammals.”

5. Life Process

Describes the series of actions or stages that characterize the existence of a living organism or system.

  • Example: “Photosynthesis is a critical life process for plants.”

6. Life Course

Refers to the sequence of phases, experiences, or events that constitute a person’s life or an entity’s existence.

  • Example: “The course examines human development across the life course.”

7. Natural Progression

Describes the normal sequence of stages or events in a living being’s life or in a natural process.

  • Example: “The study examines the natural progression of the disease over time.”

8. Growth Cycle

Refers to the stages of development and expansion in a living organism or organization.

  • Example: “The company’s growth cycle is analyzed from startup to maturity.”

9. Developmental Cycle

Describes the sequence of stages in growth and development of an organism or system.

  • Example: “The developmental cycle of the product involved multiple stages of refinement.”

10. Life Sequence

Refers to the ordered series of phases or events in a living being’s life or a system’s operation.

  • Example: “The documentary highlights the life sequence of a butterfly.”

11. Biological Cycle

Used to describe the natural sequence of stages in a living organism’s life.

  • Example: “The biologist studied the biological cycle of the coral reefs.”

12. Survival Cycle

Refers to the stages or processes that support the survival of a living organism or system.

  • Example: “The seminar discussed the survival cycle of businesses in a competitive market.”

13. Life’s Journey

A metaphorical term describing the experiences and phases throughout a living being’s or entity’s life.

  • Example: “His autobiography narrates his life’s journey from poverty to success.”

14. Life Phase

Refers to a distinct period within the overall life span of an organism or entity.

  • Example: “The startup is currently in an early life phase, focusing on product development.”

15. Life Stages

Describes the different periods or segments in the life of an organism or entity, each with distinct characteristics.

  • Example: “The course covers the different life stages of a human being.”

16. Life Period

Refers to a specific duration or phase within the overall existence of a living being or system.

  • Example: “During this life period, the company saw its greatest growth.”

17. Life History

Used to describe the series of events and experiences that make up the existence of a living being or entity.

  • Example: “The biologist compiled a complete life history of the endangered species.”

18. Living Cycle

Refers to the cycle of stages through which a living being passes during its existence.

  • Example: “The living cycle of these plants is crucial for the ecosystem’s balance.”

19. Evolutionary Cycle

Describes the stages of evolutionary development and change in organisms or systems.

  • Example: “The lecture focused on the evolutionary cycle of digital technologies.”

20. Life Progression

Refers to the advancement or development through different stages of life or existence.

  • Example: “Her career life progression has been marked by several pivotal roles.”

Linda Brown