What Is Another Way to Say “Get the Ball Rolling”?

Looking for synonyms for get the ball rolling? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say get the ball rolling.

  • Start off
  • Begin
  • Initiate
  • Kick-start
  • Commence
  • Set in motion
  • Launch
  • Embark on
  • Get underway
  • Activate
  • Get going
  • Set the wheels in motion
  • Open
  • Break the ice
  • Take the first step
  • Lay the groundwork
  • Spark off
  • Trigger
  • Get off the ground
  • Put into action

Want to learn how to say get the ball rolling professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Start Off

Used to begin a process or series of actions.

  • Example: “Let’s start off the meeting with a quick review of last week’s progress.”

2. Begin

A general term for initiating any activity or process.

  • Example: “We will begin the software upgrade at 9 AM tomorrow.”

3. Initiate

Suitable for introducing a new procedure or policy.

  • Example: “The team will initiate the new client onboarding process next week.”

4. Kick-start

Used to energetically start a process or project.

  • Example: “The workshop is designed to kick-start creative thinking among team members.”

5. Commence

Formal way of indicating the beginning of an event or process.

  • Example: “The construction work on the new office will commence in early March.”

6. Set in Motion

Refers to starting a process that will continue to develop.

  • Example: “With the plans set in motion, the marketing campaign is expected to launch soon.”

7. Launch

Used when starting something significant, like a project or initiative.

  • Example: “The company will officially launch its new product line next month.”

8. Embark on

Appropriate for beginning a significant project or journey.

  • Example: “The research team is embarking on a groundbreaking study.”

9. Get Underway

Indicates the start of a planned event or activity.

  • Example: “The annual audit is scheduled to get underway next week.”

10. Activate

Used to start a system, process, or machine.

  • Example: “We will activate the emergency response plan immediately.”

11. Get Going

An informal way to start an activity or process.

  • Example: “It’s time to get going with the implementation of the new IT policy.”

12. Set the Wheels in Motion

Used when initiating a process that involves several stages or steps.

  • Example: “Once we set the wheels in motion, the project should proceed smoothly.”

13. Open

Appropriate for initiating formal events, meetings, or discussions.

  • Example: “The director will open the annual general meeting with a brief address.”

14. Break the Ice

Used to start a process in a way that eases people into the situation.

  • Example: “The team-building activity was designed to break the ice among new employees.”

15. Take the First Step

Refers to initiating the first action in a series of actions.

  • Example: “By conducting the survey, we’ve taken the first step in understanding customer needs.”

16. Lay the Groundwork

Suitable for starting preliminary work on which something else is built or developed.

  • Example: “We need to lay the groundwork for the upcoming merger negotiations.”

17. Spark Off

Used to begin something that leads to a reaction or series of events.

  • Example: “The CEO’s announcement sparked off a wave of innovation within the company.”

18. Trigger

Appropriate for starting a process or event, especially one that causes something else to happen.

  • Example: “The new legislation will likely trigger changes in industry practices.”

19. Get Off the Ground

Used to describe the initial stages of starting something, often a project or idea.

  • Example: “We’re looking for investors to help get our new business venture off the ground.”

20. Put into Action

Refers to implementing or enacting a plan or idea.

  • Example: “It’s time to put our strategic plan into action and achieve our objectives.”

Linda Brown