What Is Another Way to Say “Let Us Know”?

Looking for synonyms for let us know? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say let us know.

  • Inform us
  • Notify us
  • Update us
  • Advise us
  • Keep us posted
  • Report to us
  • Communicate to us
  • Apprise us
  • Fill us in
  • Share with us
  • Send us information
  • Give us a heads up
  • Alert us
  • Make us aware
  • Brief us

Want to learn how to say let us know professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Inform Us

Usage: Suitable for a general request to be provided with information.
Example: “Please inform us of any changes to the project timeline.”

2. Notify Us

Usage: Ideal for when a specific update or piece of information needs to be communicated.
Example: “Should there be any adjustments in the client’s requirements, promptly notify us.”

3. Update Us

Usage: Appropriate for requesting the latest information or status.
Example: “As the situation evolves, please update us on any progress.”

4. Advise Us

Usage: Used when seeking guidance or advice in addition to information.
Example: “Advise us on the best course of action for the upcoming marketing campaign.”

5. Keep Us Posted

Usage: Suitable for more informal or ongoing updates.
Example: “Keep us posted on the development of the new software features.”

6. Report to Us

Usage: Ideal for a formal or systematic provision of information.
Example: “Please report to us the quarterly financial results as soon as they are finalized.”

7. Communicate to Us

Usage: Appropriate for emphasizing the importance of the transfer of information.
Example: “Communicate to us any feedback received from the customer surveys.”

8. Apprise Us

Usage: Used for informing someone about something, typically in a formal or official context.
Example: “Apprise us of any regulatory changes that may affect our operations.”

9. Fill Us In

Usage: Suitable for requesting detailed or specific information.
Example: “Once you return from the conference, fill us in on the key takeaways.”

10. Share with Us

Usage: Ideal for a collaborative exchange of information.
Example: “Feel free to share with us any ideas you have for the project.”

11. Send Us Information

Usage: Appropriate for a direct request for specific data or details.
Example: “Please send us information on the updated pricing models.”

12. Give Us a Heads Up

Usage: Used for asking to be informed about something in advance.
Example: “Give us a heads up if the meeting schedule is likely to change.”

13. Alert Us

Usage: Suitable for urgent or important communications.
Example: “Should any system errors occur, immediately alert us.”

14. Make Us Aware

Usage: Appropriate for ensuring recognition or acknowledgment of information.
Example: “Make us aware of any discrepancies found in the audit report.”

15. Brief Us

Usage: Ideal for a concise and focused update on a specific matter.
Example: “Please brief us on the outcomes of the recent negotiations with the supplier.”

Linda Brown