What Is Another Way to Say “Interested In”?

Looking for synonyms for interested in? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say interested in.

  • Fascinated by
  • Intrigued by
  • Engrossed in
  • Keen on
  • Enthusiastic about
  • Attracted to
  • Captivated by
  • Absorbed in
  • Curious about
  • Drawn to
  • Invested in
  • Passionate about
  • Enamored with
  • Focused on
  • Intent on

Want to learn how to say interested in professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Fascinated by

Usage: Suitable for a strong and intense interest, often in something complex or intriguing.
Example: “She is fascinated by the complexities of artificial intelligence and its applications.”

2. Intrigued by

Usage: Ideal for expressing a curious or interested engagement, often with something novel or puzzling.
Example: “He was intrigued by the new marketing strategies presented at the conference.”

3. Engrossed in

Usage: Appropriate for being completely absorbed or deeply involved in something.
Example: “The team was engrossed in developing innovative solutions for the project.”

4. Keen on

Usage: Suitable for having a strong or enthusiastic interest in something.
Example: “She is particularly keen on exploring sustainable business practices.”

5. Enthusiastic about

Usage: Ideal for a lively interest accompanied by eagerness or excitement.
Example: “We are enthusiastic about the potential of this new partnership to expand our reach.”

6. Attracted to

Usage: Appropriate for showing an interest in something because of its appealing qualities or benefits.
Example: “The company is attracted to candidates who demonstrate strong leadership skills.”

7. Captivated by

Usage: Used for an interest that holds one’s attention completely, often with charm or fascination.
Example: “The CEO was captivated by the innovative design of the new product.”

8. Absorbed in

Usage: Suitable for being deeply involved or immersed in an activity or subject.
Example: “The researcher is completely absorbed in her study on climate change.”

9. Curious about

Usage: Ideal for expressing a desire to know or learn more about something.
Example: “The manager was curious about the new approaches to employee engagement.”

10. Drawn to

Usage: Appropriate for showing an attraction or natural inclination toward something.
Example: “Young professionals are increasingly drawn to companies with strong corporate social responsibility.”

11. Invested in

Usage: Suitable for showing a deep commitment or involvement in something.
Example: “Our team is heavily invested in improving user experience.”

12. Passionate about

Usage: Ideal for expressing a powerful, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, activity, or field.
Example: “She is passionate about leveraging technology for social good.”

13. Enamored with

Usage: Used for showing a strong liking or admiration for something, often with a sense of wonder.
Example: “He became enamored with the idea of creating a more inclusive workplace culture.”

14. Focused on

Usage: Appropriate for having a concentrated interest or attention on a specific area.
Example: “The company is focused on developing eco-friendly products.”

15. Intent on

Usage: Suitable for showing a determined interest or aim toward achieving something.
Example: “The organization is intent on driving significant industry changes.”

Linda Brown