What Is Another Way to Say “Lead”?

Looking for synonyms for lead? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say lead.

  • Guide
  • Direct
  • Head
  • Command
  • Pilot
  • Captain
  • Steer
  • Govern
  • Manage
  • Preside
  • Spearhead
  • Conduct
  • Influence
  • Chair
  • Supervise
  • Control
  • Coordinate
  • Facilitate
  • Oversee
  • Administrate

Want to learn how to say lead professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Guide

Appropriate Use: To provide direction or advice in a less authoritative manner.
Example: “As a mentor, her role is to guide the new employees through their first projects.”

2. Direct

Appropriate Use: To give specific instructions or commands.
Example: “The project manager will direct the team’s efforts towards meeting the deadline.”

Appropriate Use: To be in charge of a group or an organization.
Example: “She was chosen to head the new marketing division.”

4. Command

Appropriate Use: To have authority over a group, especially in a military setting.
Example: “He commands the naval fleet with great expertise.”

5. Pilot

Appropriate Use: To lead a new initiative or project, often in an experimental phase.
Example: “We are looking for a manager to pilot our innovative research program.”

6. Captain

Appropriate Use: To lead a team, often used in sports or informal business contexts.
Example: “He was appointed to captain the development team for the new software project.”

7. Steer

Appropriate Use: To guide a course of action or policy.
Example: “Her strategic vision helped steer the company through the economic downturn.”

8. Govern

Appropriate Use: To lead with a focus on policy-making or state management.
Example: “As mayor, she governs the city with a focus on sustainable development.”

9. Manage

Appropriate Use: To handle or supervise an operation or a team.
Example: “His responsibility is to manage the daily operations of the finance department.”

10. Preside

Appropriate Use: To be in a position of authority in a meeting or gathering.
Example: “The CEO will preside over the annual shareholders’ meeting.”

11. Spearhead

Appropriate Use: To lead an initiative or a project, especially an innovative one.
Example: “She will spearhead the new international expansion strategy.”

12. Conduct

Appropriate Use: To lead or organize a series of actions or a process.
Example: “The scientist conducts groundbreaking research in her field.”

13. Influence

Appropriate Use: To lead by example or persuasion rather than by authority.
Example: “His innovative ideas continue to influence the direction of the company.”

14. Chair

Appropriate Use: To preside over a meeting or committee.
Example: “He will chair the committee meeting on urban planning.”

15. Supervise

Appropriate Use: To oversee the performance of tasks or people.
Example: “Her role involves supervising the construction project to ensure safety standards.”

16. Control

Appropriate Use: To have the power to direct or manage.
Example: “She controls the quality of production in the factory.”

17. Coordinate

Appropriate Use: To organize activities or people effectively.
Example: “He coordinates the efforts of different departments to streamline the workflow.”

18. Facilitate

Appropriate Use: To make an action or process easier or more achievable.
Example: “Her expertise in mediation helps facilitate discussions between conflicting parties.”

19. Oversee

Appropriate Use: To supervise and ensure that everything is functioning smoothly.
Example: “As the site manager, he oversees all phases of the construction process.”

20. Administrate

Appropriate Use: To manage the operations or affairs of a business or organization.
Example: “She administrates the school’s educational programs efficiently.”

Linda Brown