What Is Another Way to Say “Leverage”?

Looking for synonyms for leverage? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say leverage.

  • Utilize
  • Exploit
  • Harness
  • Employ
  • Capitalize
  • Use
  • Maximize
  • Apply
  • Take advantage of
  • Benefit from
  • Make the most of
  • Optimize
  • Draw on
  • Exercise
  • Manipulate
  • Milk
  • Wield
  • Exert
  • Play on
  • Tap into

Want to learn how to say leverage professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Utilize

Appropriate Use: To make use of something effectively.
Example: “We aim to utilize the latest technology to improve our production efficiency.”

2. Exploit

Appropriate Use: To take full advantage of a resource or situation, often for gain.
Example: “The company exploits market trends to stay ahead of competitors.”

3. Harness

Appropriate Use: To control and make use of natural or situational forces effectively.
Example: “Our team is harnessing data analytics to drive decision-making processes.”

4. Employ

Appropriate Use: To use a particular object, method, or strategy.
Example: “We employ advanced algorithms to solve complex logistical problems.”

5. Capitalize

Appropriate Use: To take advantage of a situation in a way that brings benefits.
Example: “The marketing team plans to capitalize on the recent surge in product popularity.”

6. Use

Appropriate Use: The most general term for applying something to achieve a purpose.
Example: “We use customer feedback to continually improve our services.”

7. Maximize

Appropriate Use: To make the most of a particular situation or resource.
Example: “Our goal is to maximize our reach in the global market.”

8. Apply

Appropriate Use: To put something into action or use for a particular purpose.
Example: “We apply lean management principles to optimize workflow.”

9. Take advantage of

Appropriate Use: To use a situation or opportunity for one’s own benefit.
Example: “The company took advantage of the new tax laws to increase its investments.”

10. Benefit from

Appropriate Use: To gain an advantage from a situation or condition.
Example: “Small businesses can benefit from the new government subsidy.”

11. Make the most of

Appropriate Use: To use something to its greatest advantage.
Example: “We should make the most of our current market position to expand our portfolio.”

12. Optimize

Appropriate Use: To make something as effective or functional as possible.
Example: “Our IT department is optimizing the network to ensure maximum security.”

13. Draw on

Appropriate Use: To use information, experience, or skills from a source.
Example: “She draws on her extensive experience in the industry to provide strategic insights.”

14. Exercise

Appropriate Use: To use a right, power, or quality one possesses.
Example: “The board will exercise its authority to approve the new initiative.”

15. Manipulate

Appropriate Use: To skillfully or artfully manage or control something.
Example: “He manipulates market data to forecast future trends accurately.”

16. Milk

Appropriate Use: To extract maximum advantage from a situation, often to the point of excess.
Example: “The company has been milking its dominant position in the market for years.”

17. Wield

Appropriate Use: To hold and use a tool, weapon, or power effectively.
Example: “She wields her expertise in digital marketing to enhance brand visibility.”

18. Exert

Appropriate Use: To apply or bring to bear a force, influence, or quality.
Example: “The CEO exerts considerable influence over the company’s strategic direction.”

19. Play on

Appropriate Use: To cleverly exploit or use to one’s advantage.
Example: “The advertisement plays on consumer emotions to boost sales.”

20. Tap into

Appropriate Use: To access a resource or quality, making use of its potential.
Example: “Our new initiative aims to tap into emerging markets for expansion.”

Linda Brown