What Is Another Way to Say “Hunker Down”?

Looking for synonyms for hunker down? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say hunker down.

  • Dig in
  • Bunker down
  • Settle in
  • Hold fast
  • Bed down
  • Nestle down
  • Take cover
  • Buckle down
  • Fortify oneself
  • Entrench oneself
  • Hole up
  • Bear down
  • Anchored down
  • Stand firm
  • Shelter in place

Want to learn how to say hunker down professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Dig In

Used in both literal and figurative contexts, implying preparation for a long or difficult process.

  • Example: “As the deadline approaches, the team decided to dig in and work through the weekend.”

2. Bunker Down

Often used to describe taking shelter or preparing oneself for a difficult period, similar to “hunker down.”

  • Example: “With the storm approaching, we need to bunker down and ensure our supplies are adequate.”

3. Settle In

Implies getting comfortable or accustomed to a place or situation, often for a significant period.

  • Example: “After moving to the new office, it took a week for everyone to settle in properly.”

4. Hold Fast

A phrase that suggests staying strong or committed to a position or course of action in the face of adversity.

  • Example: “Despite the market volatility, investors are advised to hold fast to their long-term strategies.”

5. Bed Down

Refers to making oneself comfortable for rest, but can also imply settling into a new or temporary position.

  • Example: “The team bedded down in the makeshift camp as they prepared for the project’s next phase.”

6. Nestle Down

Conveys a sense of settling or snuggling into a comfortable position, often for rest or security.

  • Example: “After a long day of work, she nestled down in her home office to focus on writing her book.”

7. Take Cover

Used literally to mean seeking shelter, but can also mean preparing for a difficult situation.

  • Example: “As the economic downturn began, many companies took cover by cutting unnecessary expenses.”

8. Buckle Down

Implies starting to work with increased focus and intensity, especially in preparation for a challenging task.

  • Example: “With exams fast approaching, students are buckling down to revise their subjects.”

9. Fortify Oneself

Means to strengthen oneself physically or mentally in preparation for challenges ahead.

  • Example: “He fortified himself with a strong network of mentors and peers as he started his entrepreneurial journey.”

10. Entrench Oneself

Refers to firmly establishing oneself in a position or situation, often defensively.

  • Example: “The CEO entrenched herself in the company’s operations to navigate through the financial crisis.”

11. Hole Up

Implies withdrawing to a secure place, often to avoid danger or to concentrate on a task.

  • Example: “The author holed up in a remote cabin to finish her latest novel without distractions.”

12. Bear Down

To apply effort or focus intensively on a particular task or challenge.

  • Example: “The team bore down on the project, determined to meet their ambitious deadline.”

13. Anchored Down

Suggests establishing a firm position or making preparations to stay in one place securely.

  • Example: “After relocating, they quickly anchored down in the community by participating in local events.”

14. Stand Firm

To maintain one’s position, especially in the face of opposition or difficulty.

  • Example: “In negotiations, it’s important to stand firm on your key demands.”

15. Shelter in Place

A directive to stay where one is, especially for safety during emergencies, but can also imply staying put during difficult times.

  • Example: “During the lockdown, businesses had to find ways to operate while their employees sheltered in place.”

Linda Brown