What Is Another Way to Say “Roll Out”?

Looking for synonyms for roll out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say roll out.

  • Launch
  • Introduce
  • Deploy
  • Unveil
  • Release
  • Implement
  • Initiate
  • Commence
  • Begin
  • Start
  • Establish
  • Inaugurate
  • Kick off
  • Activate
  • Unroll

Want to learn how to say roll out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Launch

Used when introducing a new product, service, or initiative to the market or public.
Example: “The company plans to launch its new software platform next month.”

2. Introduce

Appropriate for bringing something new to a specific audience or market.
Example: “We will introduce our updated policies at the next team meeting.”

3. Deploy

Used mainly in technical or military contexts, meaning to position or utilize resources effectively.
Example: “The IT department will deploy the new security system across the organization.”

4. Unveil

Suitable for revealing something new or previously hidden, often in a formal or public setting.
Example: “The museum will unveil the new exhibit during a special event.”

5. Release

Commonly used in the context of launching products, especially software or media.
Example: “The latest version of the app will be released at the end of the quarter.”

6. Implement

Used when putting a plan, decision, or system into action.
Example: “The new safety protocols will be implemented across all departments.”

7. Initiate

Suitable for the first stages of starting something, such as a process or project.
Example: “We need to initiate the client onboarding process for the new accounts.”

8. Commence

A formal term for beginning something, especially projects or events.
Example: “The construction of the new facility will commence in June.”

9. Begin

A general term for starting any action, process, or event.
Example: “We will begin the marketing campaign next week.”

10. Start

Similar to ‘begin’, a broad term for initiating actions or processes.
Example: “Let’s start the training program for new hires.”

11. Establish

Used when setting up or founding something, like a system, procedure, or organization.
Example: “The company established a new branch in Asia.”

12. Inaugurate

A formal term used particularly for beginning something significant, like a new era or system.
Example: “The CEO will inaugurate the annual conference with a keynote speech.”

13. Kick off

An informal way of saying to start something, especially events or projects.
Example: “We will kick off the project with a team brainstorming session.”

14. Activate

Used in contexts where a device, system, or process is being made operational.
Example: “Activate the new online ordering system by next Monday.”

15. Unroll

Appropriate for gradually introducing or revealing something.
Example: “The training department will unroll the new curriculum over the next semester.”

Linda Brown