What Is Another Way to Say “Road Trip”?

Looking for synonyms for road trip? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say road trip.

  • Driving tour
  • Car journey
  • Motor tour
  • Automobile excursion
  • Land voyage
  • Highway travel
  • Overland journey
  • Cross-country drive
  • Vehicle expedition
  • Motoring adventure
  • Car trek
  • Auto odyssey
  • Road voyage
  • Vehicle journey
  • Long drive

Want to learn how to say road trip professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Driving Tour

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a journey predominantly made by driving, often for sightseeing.
Example: “We’re planning a driving tour through the national parks this summer.”

2. Car Journey

Appropriate Use: Best for a trip taken by car, emphasizing the mode of transportation.
Example: “The team embarked on a car journey to visit various clients across the state.”

3. Motor Tour

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a journey involving travel by car, focusing on visiting several destinations.
Example: “They went on a motor tour of the historic sites along the East Coast.”

4. Automobile Excursion

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a pleasure trip by car, often to a specific destination.
Example: “The automobile excursion to the coastal town was both scenic and relaxing.”

5. Land Voyage

Appropriate Use: Used for travel over land, especially implying a long distance.
Example: “Their land voyage took them across several countries in Europe.”

6. Highway Travel

Appropriate Use: Best for traveling by roads, especially involving long distances on highways.
Example: “Part of our company retreat includes highway travel to remote team-building locations.”

7. Overland Journey

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a trip primarily on land, often involving various landscapes.
Example: “The documentary crew went on an overland journey to capture wildlife in their natural habitats.”

8. Cross-Country Drive

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a driving trip that spans across a country.
Example: “The sales team completed a cross-country drive to promote their new product line.”

9. Vehicle Expedition

Appropriate Use: Used for an adventurous or exploratory trip made using a vehicle.
Example: “The researchers undertook a vehicle expedition to study geological formations.”

10. Motoring Adventure

Appropriate Use: Best for a journey involving driving, with an emphasis on adventure.
Example: “Their motoring adventure across the mountainous region was a thrilling experience.”

11. Car Trek

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a long and challenging journey made by car.
Example: “The group planned a car trek through the desert to study its ecosystem.”

12. Auto Odyssey

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an extended and eventful journey by car.
Example: “His book describes his auto odyssey across multiple continents.”

13. Road Voyage

Appropriate Use: Used for a journey or trip made via roads, especially suggesting a long distance.
Example: “The couple’s road voyage took them through several quaint small towns.”

14. Vehicle Journey

Appropriate Use: Best for travel or a trip conducted using a vehicle.
Example: “The company organized a vehicle journey for employees to attend the annual conference.”

15. Long Drive

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a trip that involves driving a considerable distance.
Example: “The team took a long drive to the remote site for their field research.”

Linda Brown