What Is Another Way to Say “Homework”?

Looking for synonyms for homework? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say homework.

  • Assignments
  • Coursework
  • Schoolwork
  • Exercises
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Study tasks
  • Academic work
  • Lessons
  • Reading assignments
  • Research
  • Worksheets
  • Problem sets
  • Written work
  • Educational activities

Want to learn how to say homework professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Assignments

Appropriate Use: General term for tasks or pieces of work assigned to students.
Example: “The teacher gave the students weekly assignments in mathematics.”

2. Coursework

Appropriate Use: Work assigned to students as part of their course of study.
Example: “Part of the coursework for the history class includes writing a research paper.”

3. Schoolwork

Appropriate Use: General term for work done by students as part of their education.
Example: “She spends her evenings completing her schoolwork.”

4. Exercises

Appropriate Use: Tasks or activities designed to practice or test a skill.
Example: “Language exercises are an essential part of learning a new language.”

5. Tasks

Appropriate Use: Specific pieces of work or duties assigned to students.
Example: “The students were assigned several tasks to complete over the weekend.”

6. Projects

Appropriate Use: Extended pieces of work on a particular subject or theme, usually involving research.
Example: “The final year students are currently working on their capstone projects.”

7. Study tasks

Appropriate Use: Specific activities or assignments intended for learning or studying.
Example: “Tonight’s study tasks include reading two chapters of the textbook.”

8. Academic work

Appropriate Use: Work relating to studies, especially at a college or university level.
Example: “Her academic work has been outstanding this semester.”

9. Lessons

Appropriate Use: Individual units of work or instruction in a particular subject.
Example: “For tomorrow’s lessons, please read the first three chapters of the book.”

10. Reading assignments

Appropriate Use: Tasks involving reading specific material.
Example: “The professor assigned several reading assignments for the upcoming lecture.”

11. Research

Appropriate Use: The process of studying a subject in detail, especially to discover new information.
Example: “His homework for the science class includes research on renewable energy sources.”

12. Worksheets

Appropriate Use: Sheets of paper with questions or exercises for students.
Example: “The teacher distributed worksheets that covered the day’s lesson.”

13. Problem sets

Appropriate Use: A set of problems or exercises to be solved, typically in mathematics or science.
Example: “She has to complete the problem sets in her calculus class by next week.”

14. Written work

Appropriate Use: Tasks that involve writing essays, reports, or other forms of written content.
Example: “The literature course requires a substantial amount of written work.”

15. Educational activities

Appropriate Use: Broad term for tasks that have educational value or purpose.
Example: “The students engaged in various educational activities to enhance their understanding of the subject.”

Linda Brown