What Is Another Way to Say “Co-Opted”?

Looking for synonyms for co-opted? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say co-opted.

  • Absorbed
  • Assimilated
  • Appropriated
  • Integrated
  • Adopted
  • Annexed
  • Engulfed
  • Enlisted
  • Taken over
  • Incorporated

Want to learn how to say co-opted professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Absorbed

Appropriate Use: Used when an entity completely integrates another entity or concept, often implying a loss of the absorbed entity’s distinct identity. Common in business or organizational contexts.
Example: “The small tech startup was quickly absorbed into the larger multinational corporation.”

2. Assimilated

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations where an individual or group is integrated into a community or organization, adopting its culture or norms. Often used in social or cultural contexts.
Example: “The new employees were successfully assimilated into the company culture within a few months.”

3. Appropriated

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing the action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s consent. Commonly used in legal or political contexts.
Example: “The government appropriated private land for the construction of the new highway.”

4. Integrated

Appropriate Use: Best used when combining one thing with another so that they become a whole, especially in a seamless or harmonious manner. Frequently seen in technological or educational contexts.
Example: “The new software was seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure.”

5. Adopted

Appropriate Use: Used when choosing to take up, follow, or use something new, such as a method, idea, or policy. Common in business, policy, or lifestyle contexts.
Example: “The board adopted a new approach to corporate social responsibility.”

6. Annexed

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations where a territory or space is added to another, usually larger one, especially without permission. Often used in geopolitical or real estate contexts.
Example: “The company annexed two additional floors in the building to accommodate its growing workforce.”

7. Engulfed

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing a situation where something is completely surrounded or covered by another thing. Commonly used in environmental, business, or emotional contexts.
Example: “The small family business was engulfed by the expanding multinational conglomerate.”

8. Enlisted

Appropriate Use: Best for situations where support, aid, or services are secured for a cause or project, often implying a voluntary or persuasive aspect. Frequently seen in military or organizational contexts.
Example: “Several industry experts were enlisted to consult on the project.”

9. Taken Over

Appropriate Use: Used when an entity gains control, management, or possession of something, often implying a change in leadership or ownership. Common in corporate or business contexts.
Example: “The firm was taken over by a larger competitor in a strategic acquisition.”

10. Incorporated

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing the process of including something as part of a whole, or forming a new corporation. Often used in legal, business, or organizational contexts.
Example: “The latest environmental regulations were incorporated into the company’s operating procedures.”

Linda Brown