What Is Another Way to Say “Conducted”?

Looking for synonyms for conducted? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say conducted.

  • Executed
  • Carried out
  • Performed
  • Managed
  • Orchestrated
  • Directed
  • Oversaw
  • Administered
  • Handled
  • Operated
  • Organized
  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated
  • Implemented
  • Supervised

Want to learn how to say conducted professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Executed

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing the completion of a task or project with precision and skill.
Example: “The team executed the marketing strategy flawlessly, resulting in increased sales.”

2. Carried out

Appropriate Use: Suitable for tasks or operations that were completed, especially those assigned or planned.
Example: “The audit was successfully carried out by the finance department last quarter.”

3. Performed

Appropriate Use: Best used when referring to actions that were done, especially if they required a specific skill set.
Example: “She performed the data analysis with a high degree of accuracy.”

4. Managed

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for scenarios where someone was in charge of a process, project, or team.
Example: “He managed the project from conception to completion, ensuring all milestones were met.”

5. Orchestrated

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations where someone coordinated various elements to achieve a particular outcome.
Example: “She orchestrated the conference with great attention to detail, leading to its success.”

6. Directed

Appropriate Use: Suitable for instances where guidance or leadership was provided to steer a project or task.
Example: “He directed the team’s efforts towards more sustainable practices.”

7. Oversaw

Appropriate Use: Used when someone supervised or watched over a process or activity.
Example: “The manager oversaw the entire operation to ensure compliance with regulations.”

8. Administered

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for the management or execution of plans, programs, or systems.
Example: “She administered the new HR policy across the organization.”

9. Handled

Appropriate Use: Best used in contexts where someone dealt with a task or situation directly.
Example: “He handled the client negotiations with professionalism and tact.”

10. Operated

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations involving the running or functioning of machinery, systems, or organizations.
Example: “She operated the new software system with ease, improving the team’s efficiency.”

11. Organized

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing the arrangement or coordination of events, activities, or systems.
Example: “He organized the workshop, ensuring that all materials and resources were available.”

12. Coordinated

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for instances where various elements were brought together seamlessly for a common purpose.
Example: “She coordinated the marketing and sales teams to align their strategies.”

13. Facilitated

Appropriate Use: Used when someone made a process or activity easier or more possible.
Example: “He facilitated the team meetings, fostering an environment of open communication.”

14. Implemented

Appropriate Use: Best for situations where plans, decisions, or ideas were put into action or effect.
Example: “The IT department successfully implemented the new security protocol.”

15. Supervised

Appropriate Use: Ideal for contexts where oversight, guidance, and direction were provided, especially in a workplace setting.
Example: “She supervised the interns, providing them with valuable learning experiences.”

Linda Brown