What Is Another Way to Say “Diabolical”?

Looking for synonyms for diabolical? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say diabolical.

  • Evil
  • Devilish
  • Demonic
  • Wicked
  • Malevolent
  • Sinister
  • Nefarious
  • Villainous
  • Fiendish
  • Malignant
  • Heinous
  • Vile
  • Malicious
  • Satanic
  • Monstrous

Want to learn how to say diabolical professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Evil

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing something profoundly immoral and malevolent.
Example: “The fraudulent scheme orchestrated by the company was considered a truly evil act.”

2. Devilish

Appropriate Use: Ideal for something that resembles a devil in wickedness or cruelty.
Example: “The competitor’s devilish tactics in the business world were well-known.”

3. Demonic

Appropriate Use: Best for describing something fiendishly wicked or cruel.
Example: “The CEO faced criticism for his almost demonic disregard for environmental regulations.”

4. Wicked

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for actions or behaviors that are morally wrong or evil.
Example: “The company’s wicked exploitation of resources led to widespread environmental damage.”

5. Malevolent

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing ill will or spitefulness in actions or character.
Example: “The malevolent actions of the corporation had a detrimental impact on the local community.”

6. Sinister

Appropriate Use: Ideal for something giving the impression of harmful intent or evil.
Example: “There was something sinister about the way the contract was abruptly terminated.”

7. Nefarious

Appropriate Use: Best used for actions or activities that are wicked, villainous, or criminal.
Example: “The executive was involved in nefarious activities, unbeknownst to the shareholders.”

8. Villainous

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for describing extreme wickedness or corrupt behavior.
Example: “The plot to embezzle funds from the company was a villainous act.”

9. Fiendish

Appropriate Use: Suitable for something extremely cruel or unpleasant.
Example: “The fiendish complexity of the fraud scheme took everyone by surprise.”

10. Malignant

Appropriate Use: Ideal for actions or influences that are harmful or malevolent.
Example: “The malignant corporate culture led to a toxic work environment.”

11. Heinous

Appropriate Use: Best for describing a person or wrongful act as utterly odious or wicked.
Example: “The heinous business practices led to a series of lawsuits against the company.”

12. Vile

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for something extremely unpleasant, morally bad, or wicked.
Example: “The vile manipulation of market prices affected the entire industry.”

13. Malicious

Appropriate Use: Suitable for actions intended to harm or do evil to others.
Example: “The malicious rumors spread about the competitor were eventually traced back to the firm.”

14. Satanic

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing extreme wickedness or evil, likened to Satan.
Example: “The company’s satanic disregard for safety standards shocked regulators.”

15. Monstrous

Appropriate Use: Best used for actions or behavior that are shockingly evil or wrong.
Example: “The monstrous exploitation of labor in the factory sparked international outrage.”

Linda Brown