What Is Another Way to Say “Completely Different”?

Looking for synonyms for completely different? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say completely different.

  • Totally dissimilar
  • Entirely distinct
  • Wholly divergent
  • Radically different
  • Fundamentally different
  • Utterly unlike
  • Polar opposite
  • Night and day
  • Worlds apart
  • In a different league
  • Like chalk and cheese
  • Vastly different
  • Nothing alike
  • As different as night and day
  • Markedly different

Want to learn how to say completely different professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Totally Dissimilar

Used to emphasize a complete lack of similarity between two things.

Example: “The two software platforms are totally dissimilar in both functionality and user interface.”

2. Entirely Distinct

Appropriate for highlighting that two things have nothing in common.

Example: “The marketing strategies employed by the two firms are entirely distinct, targeting completely different demographics.”

3. Wholly Divergent

Suitable for situations where two approaches or ideas move in completely different directions.

Example: “Their management styles are wholly divergent, one favoring autonomy and the other strict oversight.”

4. Radically Different

Used to describe two or more things that are different in a fundamental or extreme way.

Example: “The company’s new direction is radically different from its traditional business model.”

5. Fundamentally Different

Appropriate for emphasizing differences in the basic nature or foundational aspects of things.

Example: “The economic theories proposed are fundamentally different, offering contrasting solutions to the fiscal crisis.”

6. Utterly Unlike

Used to stress that two things bear no resemblance to each other.

Example: “The results of the two studies on the same phenomenon were utterly unlike, leading to a reevaluation of the methodology.”

7. Polar Opposite

Suitable for situations where two things are as different from each other as possible.

Example: “Their political views are polar opposites, leading to lively debates during the panel discussion.”

8. Night and Day

A colloquial way to express that the difference between two things is extremely clear.

Example: “The quality of work produced with the new equipment versus the old is like night and day.”

9. Worlds Apart

Emphasizes a vast or significant difference between two things.

Example: “The cultural norms in the two countries are worlds apart, presenting unique challenges for the multinational corporation.”

10. In a Different League

Used to indicate that something is much better or significantly different in terms of quality or class.

Example: “The latest model of the smartphone is in a different league compared to its competitors.”

11. Like Chalk and Cheese

A British expression used to describe two things that are very different from each other.

Example: “The two proposals for the urban development project were like chalk and cheese, one focusing on green spaces and the other on commercial expansion.”

12. Vastly Different

Indicates a very great difference between two things.

Example: “The legal systems in the two countries are vastly different, affecting international business operations.”

13. Nothing Alike

Used to assert that there are no similarities between two things.

Example: “The two paintings may depict the same subject, but they are nothing alike in style or technique.”

14. As Different as Night and Day

Similar to “night and day,” this phrase emphasizes a stark contrast between two things.

Example: “The efficiency of the new software compared to the old system is as different as night and day.”

15. Markedly Different

Indicates that there is a clear, noticeable difference between two things.

Example: “The customer service experience between the two airlines is markedly different, influencing passenger loyalty.”

Linda Brown