What Is Another Way to Say “Miss Out”?

Looking for synonyms for miss out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say miss out.

  • Overlook
  • Forego
  • Bypass
  • Skip
  • Omit
  • Neglect
  • Pass up
  • Exclude
  • Disregard
  • Fail to participate
  • Lose the chance
  • Miss the opportunity
  • Be left out
  • Ignore
  • Overpass
  • Forfeit
  • Fail to take advantage of
  • Miss the boat
  • Let slip
  • Leave out

Want to learn how to say miss out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Overlook

Use when something is not considered or noticed.
Example: “We can’t afford to overlook any details in this contract.”

2. Forego

Appropriate for choosing not to do or have something.
Example: “We decided to forego the additional features to keep the project within budget.”

3. Bypass

Use when avoiding or skipping something intentionally.
Example: “The team chose to bypass the usual approval process to expedite the launch.”

4. Skip

Suitable for not attending or doing something.
Example: “We’ll skip the preliminary meeting and join the main session directly.”

5. Omit

Use when leaving something out or not including it.
Example: “Ensure that no critical points are omitted in the final report.”

6. Neglect

Appropriate for failing to care for or give proper attention to something.
Example: “Neglecting market research can lead to misguided business strategies.”

7. Pass up

Use when declining an opportunity or offer.
Example: “It’s rare to get such an opportunity; I wouldn’t pass it up.”

8. Exclude

Suitable for deliberately not including something or someone.
Example: “The decision to exclude part-time employees from the scheme was controversial.”

9. Disregard

Use when ignoring or giving no consideration to something.
Example: “Disregarding customer feedback can negatively impact product development.”

10. Fail to participate

Appropriate for not taking part in an activity or event.
Example: “If we fail to participate in the conference, we may miss important industry insights.”

11. Lose the chance

Use when an opportunity is missed or not taken.
Example: “By delaying our decision, we may lose the chance to lead the market.”

12. Miss the opportunity

Suitable for not taking advantage of a favorable situation.
Example: “We missed the opportunity to collaborate with the leading industry expert.”

13. Be left out

Use when not being included in something.
Example: “Several key stakeholders were left out of the discussion.”

14. Ignore

Appropriate for paying no attention to something.
Example: “We cannot afford to ignore the latest industry trends.”

15. Overpass

Use in the context of surpassing or going beyond something without engaging with it.
Example: “In our haste, we might overpass some crucial steps in the process.”

16. Forfeit

Suitable for losing a right, position, or opportunity due to a failure to comply.
Example: “By not adhering to the guidelines, we forfeit our chance for the grant.”

17. Fail to take advantage of

Use when not using something to one’s benefit.
Example: “We failed to take advantage of the tax incentives offered last year.”

18. Miss the boat

A colloquial term for missing an opportunity, usually due to delay or hesitation.
Example: “We can’t miss the boat on this innovative technology trend.”

19. Let slip

Use when allowing something to escape or be lost, often through carelessness.
Example: “We let slip the opportunity to secure exclusive rights to the product.”

20. Leave out

Suitable for not including someone or something.
Example: “In the new policy draft, make sure no important clauses are left out.”

Linda Brown