What Is Another Way to Say “I Can’t Wait”?

Looking for synonyms for I can’t wait? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say I can’t wait.

  • Eagerly anticipating
  • Looking forward to
  • Excited about
  • Can hardly wait
  • Anxiously awaiting
  • Counting down the days
  • Impatiently waiting
  • Keenly awaiting
  • On pins and needles
  • Thrilled about
  • Buzzing about
  • Can’t hold my excitement
  • Awaiting with bated breath
  • Dying to see
  • Itching to know

Want to learn how to say I can’t wait professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Eagerly Anticipating

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing a strong and enthusiastic desire for something to happen.
Example: “We are eagerly anticipating the launch of the new product line next month.”

2. Looking Forward to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for expressing excitement about something that is going to happen.
Example: “I am looking forward to collaborating with the international team on this project.”

3. Excited About

Appropriate Use: Used when feeling enthusiastic and eager about an upcoming event or situation.
Example: “Our team is excited about the upcoming conference in Berlin.”

4. Can Hardly Wait

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing a very strong eagerness or impatience.
Example: “I can hardly wait to see the results of our marketing campaign.”

5. Anxiously Awaiting

Appropriate Use: Ideal for when waiting for something with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.
Example: “The entire department is anxiously awaiting the announcement of the annual awards.”

6. Counting Down the Days

Appropriate Use: Used for eagerly looking forward to an event that will happen in the future.
Example: “We are counting down the days until the launch of our new website.”

7. Impatiently Waiting

Appropriate Use: Suitable for when waiting for something without patience due to excitement.
Example: “I’m impatiently waiting for the feedback on my latest project proposal.”

8. Keenly Awaiting

Appropriate Use: Ideal for when looking forward to something with great interest and enthusiasm.
Example: “We are keenly awaiting the results of the consumer survey.”

9. On Pins and Needles

Appropriate Use: Used to describe a state of anxious suspense or excitement.
Example: “The entire team was on pins and needles waiting for the outcome of the negotiations.”

10. Thrilled About

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing great excitement and pleasure about something.
Example: “I am thrilled about the opportunity to lead this new initiative.”

11. Buzzing About

Appropriate Use: Ideal for expressing excitement or high energy about something in a lively manner.
Example: “The office is buzzing about the upcoming team-building retreat.”

12. Can’t Hold My Excitement

Appropriate Use: Used to express an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
Example: “I can’t hold my excitement about the upcoming merger and its possibilities.”

13. Awaiting with Bated Breath

Appropriate Use: Suitable for waiting for something with great eagerness and anxiety.
Example: “We are all awaiting with bated breath for the global sales report.”

14. Dying to See

Appropriate Use: Ideal for expressing a very strong desire to see or know something.
Example: “I’m dying to see how our new software performs in the market.”

15. Itching to Know

Appropriate Use: Used to express a very strong and impatient desire to know something.
Example: “I’m itching to know the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey.”

Linda Brown