What Is Another Way to Say “Brought Forth”?

Looking for synonyms for brought forth? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say brought forth.

  • Produced
  • Generated
  • Yielded
  • Created
  • Elicited
  • Induced
  • Engendered
  • Spawned
  • Provoked
  • Initiated

Want to learn how to say brought forth professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Produced

Produced is used when referring to the creation or manufacture of something tangible or intangible.
Example: “The team produced a comprehensive report on market trends.”

2. Generated

Generated is appropriate for the creation of something, often referring to abstract concepts like ideas, data, or energy.
Example: “The new policy generated a lot of positive feedback from the community.”

3. Yielded

Yielded is used when an action or process produces a result or output, often in a quantifiable form.
Example: “The research yielded significant findings that could change our approach to the disease.”

4. Created

Created refers to bringing something into existence, often something new or original.
Example: “The artist created a unique sculpture that challenged traditional forms.”

5. Elicited

Elicited is used when drawing out a response, answer, or fact from someone or something.
Example: “The interviewer’s questions elicited revealing insights into the candidate’s experience.”

6. Induced

Induced implies causing something to happen, often a reaction or state.
Example: “The medication induced sleep, allowing the patient to rest comfortably.”

7. Engendered

Engendered is used to describe causing a feeling, situation, or condition to arise.
Example: “The leader’s speech engendered a new sense of hope among the populace.”

8. Spawned

Spawned is often used to describe the rapid production or triggering of something, frequently in a creative or generative context.
Example: “The viral video spawned a series of memes that circulated on social media.”

9. Provoked

Provoked is used when inciting or stirring up a reaction, often an emotional or physical response.
Example: “The novel’s controversial theme provoked intense discussion in literary circles.”

10. Initiated

Initiated refers to the action of beginning something, such as a process, action, or series of events.
Example: “The company initiated a project to explore renewable energy solutions.”

Linda Brown