What Is Another Way to Say “Curate”?

Looking for synonyms for curate? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say curate.

  • Select
  • Assemble
  • Organize
  • Compile
  • Gather
  • Arrange
  • Choose
  • Edit
  • Handpick
  • Collate
  • Coordinate
  • Design
  • Construct
  • Develop
  • Cultivate

Want to learn how to say curate professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Select

Appropriate Use: Ideal for choosing carefully from a group of options or items.
Example: “The editor needed to select the best articles for the upcoming magazine issue.”

2. Assemble

Appropriate Use: Suitable for gathering and fitting together various parts or elements.
Example: “The team assembled a comprehensive report from diverse sources of data.”

3. Organize

Appropriate Use: Best used for arranging or structuring items systematically.
Example: “She organized the company’s archives for easier access and retrieval.”

4. Compile

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for collecting information from different sources and combining it into a single document or file.
Example: “The researcher compiled data from various studies to present a new hypothesis.”

5. Gather

Appropriate Use: Ideal for bringing together items or information from different sources.
Example: “The committee gathered insights from industry experts for the strategic plan.”

6. Arrange

Appropriate Use: Suitable for setting up or organizing things in a particular order or pattern.
Example: “He arranged the product display to maximize customer engagement.”

7. Choose

Appropriate Use: Best for selecting from multiple options based on preference or criteria.
Example: “The director had to choose the right cast for the new film project.”

8. Edit

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for preparing content by correcting, modifying, or revising it.
Example: “The editor was responsible for editing the manuscript before publication.”

9. Handpick

Appropriate Use: Ideal for selecting something or someone with great care and precision.
Example: “The CEO handpicked a team of experts to lead the new initiative.”

10. Collate

Appropriate Use: Suitable for collecting and arranging information in a logical order.
Example: “The librarian collated historical documents for the exhibition.”

11. Coordinate

Appropriate Use: Best used for harmonizing various elements or activities effectively.
Example: “She coordinated the various departments to ensure a smooth product launch.”

12. Design

Appropriate Use: Ideal for planning and creating something with a specific purpose in mind.
Example: “The architect was tasked to design an innovative layout for the new museum.”

13. Construct

Appropriate Use: Suitable for building or putting together components to form a whole.
Example: “The engineer constructed a model to demonstrate the new technology.”

14. Develop

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for evolving or elaborating something over time, especially in a creative or industrial process.
Example: “The team worked to develop a user-friendly interface for the software.”

15. Cultivate

Appropriate Use: Best for developing or improving something through careful attention and effort.
Example: “The mentor cultivated her skills, enhancing her leadership capabilities.”

Linda Brown