What Is Another Way to Say “Chrome Extension”?

Looking for synonyms for chrome extension? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say chrome extension.

  • Browser Add-on
  • Web Extension
  • Browser Plugin
  • Internet Extension
  • Browser Extension
  • Browser Tool
  • Online Add-on
  • Web Browser Plugin
  • Internet Browser Extension
  • Browser Applet
  • Digital Add-on
  • Web Tool
  • Browser Add-in
  • Online Plugin
  • Web Application Extension

Want to learn how to say chrome extension professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Browser Add-on

Appropriate for general software components that add specific capabilities to a web browser.
Example: “We developed a browser add-on to streamline our online research process.”

2. Web Extension

Used to describe software that extends the functionality of web browsers, typically across multiple platforms.
Example: “The new web extension helps manage bookmarks more efficiently across all devices.”

3. Browser Plugin

Suitable for software that adds new features to the browser, often for specific tasks.
Example: “The IT department installed a browser plugin to enhance network security.”

4. Internet Extension

Appropriate for a software module that adds specific capabilities to internet browsing experiences.
Example: “Our company’s internet extension was designed to facilitate quick access to internal resources.”

5. Browser Extension

A general term for software that extends the functionality of a web browser.
Example: “The browser extension we use automatically fills in web forms with stored information.”

6. Browser Tool

Suitable for a utility or application integrated into the browser to perform certain functions.
Example: “We’re using a browser tool to analyze website performance metrics.”

7. Online Add-on

Used for software that can be added to a browser to provide additional online functionalities.
Example: “The online add-on for language translation has improved our ability to browse foreign websites.”

8. Web Browser Plugin

A specific term for a plugin that integrates into web browsers to enhance user experience.
Example: “The web browser plugin we installed helps block unwanted ads and pop-ups.”

9. Internet Browser Extension

Appropriate for extensions specifically designed for internet browsers, enhancing web navigation.
Example: “Our team relies on an internet browser extension for quick access to cloud storage.”

10. Browser Applet

Used for small applications that run within the browser to perform specific tasks.
Example: “We developed a browser applet for real-time stock market updates.”

11. Digital Add-on

A broad term for any digital extension or additional feature that can be integrated into software, including browsers.
Example: “The digital add-on for email encryption has been crucial for our company’s data security.”

12. Web Tool

Suitable for tools accessible through the web browser, aiding in various online tasks.
Example: “We’ve implemented a web tool that helps in organizing our online marketing campaigns.”

13. Browser Add-in

Similar to an add-on, specifically tailored for adding extra features to a browser.
Example: “The browser add-in for project management seamlessly integrates with our online workflow.”

14. Online Plugin

Used for plugins that work within web browsers to provide additional online functionalities.
Example: “Our new online plugin allows us to track and analyze customer engagement on our website.”

15. Web Application Extension

Appropriate for extensions that enhance the capabilities of web applications within browsers.
Example: “The web application extension we’re using improves integration between our CRM and email platform.”

Linda Brown