What Is Another Way to Say “Carry Out”?

Looking for synonyms for carry out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say carry out.

  • Execute
  • Perform
  • Implement
  • Conduct
  • Complete
  • Accomplish
  • Fulfill
  • Realize
  • Enact
  • Achieve
  • Administer
  • Discharge
  • Effectuate
  • Actualize
  • Operationalize

Want to learn how to say carry out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Execute

Appropriate Use: When carrying out a plan or action with precision and according to a set procedure.
Example: “The team needs to execute the project plan within the stipulated timeline.”

2. Perform

Appropriate Use: When carrying out an action or task, often with a connotation of skill or performance.
Example: “She will perform the data analysis for the upcoming report.”

3. Implement

Appropriate Use: When putting a plan, decision, or agreement into effect.
Example: “We need to implement the new software system across all departments.”

4. Conduct

Appropriate Use: When carrying out a process or activity, especially one that is organized and systematic.
Example: “The research team will conduct a series of experiments next month.”

5. Complete

Appropriate Use: When finishing a task or project fully and thoroughly.
Example: “He completed the budget report ahead of the deadline.”

6. Accomplish

Appropriate Use: When achieving or completing something successfully.
Example: “The team accomplished all their quarterly objectives.”

7. Fulfill

Appropriate Use: When completing a duty, promise, or requirement.
Example: “She fulfilled her responsibilities as the project leader effectively.”

8. Realize

Appropriate Use: When making something happen or bringing it into existence.
Example: “We aim to realize our vision of becoming the industry leader in sustainability.”

9. Enact

Appropriate Use: When putting something into action, especially laws or policies.
Example: “The company will enact a new policy on remote working.”

10. Achieve

Appropriate Use: When successfully reaching a desired goal or objective.
Example: “He achieved remarkable results in increasing the company’s market share.”

11. Administer

Appropriate Use: When managing or overseeing the execution of tasks or processes.
Example: “The HR department administers the employee training programs.”

12. Discharge

Appropriate Use: When performing duties or obligations, often in a formal context.
Example: “The committee will discharge its duties as outlined in the charter.”

13. Effectuate

Appropriate Use: When causing something to happen or bringing about a result.
Example: “The strategic changes were effectuated to improve operational efficiency.”

14. Actualize

Appropriate Use: When making something real or concrete, often a goal or idea.
Example: “Our focus is to actualize the potential of our innovative technologies.”

15. Operationalize

Appropriate Use: When putting something into operation or practical use, especially theories or plans.
Example: “The objective is to operationalize these concepts into actionable strategies.”

Linda Brown