What Is Another Way to Say “Call Upon”?

Looking for synonyms for call upon? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say call upon.

  • Summon
  • Request
  • Invoke
  • Appeal to
  • Beseech
  • Solicit
  • Ask
  • Urge
  • Implore
  • Demand
  • Petition
  • Entreat
  • Invite
  • Conjure
  • Exhort
  • Bid
  • Enjoin
  • Require
  • Beckon
  • Call for

Want to learn how to say call upon professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Summon

Used when formally or authoritatively calling someone to be present.
Example: “The board decided to summon the CEO to discuss the recent merger.”

2. Request

Appropriate for politely or formally asking for something.
Example: “The manager will request additional resources for the upcoming project.”

3. Invoke

Used when calling on a rule, principle, or figure for support.
Example: “The legal team decided to invoke a clause from the contract during negotiations.”

4. Appeal to

Suitable for making a serious or urgent request, often to the public.
Example: “The charity decided to appeal to the community for donations.”

5. Beseech

Used for urgently and fervently asking someone to do something.
Example: “The team leader beseeched the company to reconsider the layoffs.”

6. Solicit

Appropriate for asking for something, often for support, money, or information.
Example: “The marketing department solicited feedback from customers on the new product.”

7. Ask

Used for making a request or seeking an answer.
Example: “During the meeting, she will ask for updates on the sales figures.”

8. Urge

Suitable for encouraging or persuading someone to do something.
Example: “The consultant urged the company to adopt more sustainable practices.”

9. Implore

Used for begging someone earnestly or desperately to do something.
Example: “The employees implored the management to improve working conditions.”

10. Demand

Appropriate for firmly requesting something as a right.
Example: “The shareholders demanded a detailed report on the company’s financial health.”

11. Petition

Used for formally requesting something, usually in writing.
Example: “The staff petitioned for better health benefits.”

12. Entreat

Suitable for asking someone earnestly or anxiously to do something.
Example: “The project leader entreated the team to meet the tight deadline.”

13. Invite

Used for politely or formally asking someone to go somewhere or do something.
Example: “The company will invite industry experts to speak at the annual conference.”

14. Conjure

Appropriate for making a request as if by magic, often using skill or ingenuity.
Example: “The marketing team conjured an innovative campaign to attract new customers.”

15. Exhort

Used for strongly encouraging or urging someone to do something.
Example: “The CEO exhorted the employees to strive for excellence in customer service.”

16. Bid

Suitable for issuing a command or making a formal request.
Example: “The director bid the committee to review the proposal once more.”

17. Enjoin

Used for instructing or urging someone to do something.
Example: “The compliance officer enjoined the staff to adhere strictly to the new regulations.”

18. Require

Appropriate for demanding something as a necessity.
Example: “The situation will require immediate attention from the crisis management team.”

19. Beckon

Used for making a gesture that summons or attracts someone.
Example: “The conference organizer beckoned the keynote speaker to the stage.”

20. Call for

Suitable for needing or justifying a certain action or response.
Example: “The drop in revenue calls for a thorough review of our business strategy.”

Linda Brown